Hive Dock Amps Up Your iPhone Both Audibly and Visually

Now this is one iPhone accessory that I could definitely grow to love. Introducing the Hive dock from Screendoor studio – a unique dock capable of cradling the iPhone in either portrait or landscape mode.

Just what makes this dock so unique from every other dock on the market? We’d love to tell you, but only video could do this one justice. Take a look inside for the full lowdown…

The uniqueness comes from the fact that this dock boasts passive amplification technology similar to the Phonophone III, but that’s not all. It goes the extra step and provides visual amplification courtesy of a detachable Frensel lens.

As a result, Screendoor studio notes that along with the amplified the sound, the dock is capable of magnifying the iPhone 4’s beautiful Retina Display to a crystal clear 2x. Needless to say I really want one of these things.

The Hive dock just debuted at CES 2011, and there’s no word on a solid release date.

Can you envision this dock sitting on your desk? I surely can.