New Tweak Adds a Spiral of Apps to Your iPhone

IconSpiral is a new tweak by the developer of Barrel. Just like the name suggests, IconSpiral creates a spiral our of your apps icons on your iPhone home screen. This tweak is still in its beta infancy, so don’t expect to get something fully stable.

In order to get this tweak on your iPhone, you will first have to submit your UDID via this page. Make sure you read the warning and understand all the risks. Once you have submitted your UDID, add the following repo to Cydia: …

Then search for IconSpiral, install, respring and your home screen will now be turned into a spiral.

Unlike Barrel, this tweak doesn’t add anything but a visual effect to your home screen. At this time, it is impossible to open any application in the spiral. In short, this tweak is pointless, at least until it is updated so we can launch applications from it.

Still, it’s fun to play with for a minute. If you want to give it a shot, make sure to uninstall Barrel, as well as Parallax and InfiniBoard.

What do you think?