Alternative energy is all the rage these days. Whether it’s solar power, water power, or wind power, if it’s not plugged into the grid, it’s a-ok.

The iPhone has already had its fair share of solar powered charging adapters, and even a few hand driven crank adapters thrown in for good measure; but a wind adapter? Thanks to inventor Tjeerd Veenhoven, the iPhone can lay claim to that as well…

The appropriately named iFan is the result of modifying a PC computer fan, and mating it with a soft rubber skin that fits snugly around your iPhone. That way, when the wind blows, your iPhone goes. Genius.

In its current state, it would take around 6 hours to fully charge your iPhone, but Tjeerd admits that this can be improved with a few enhancements to the fan’s design.

Despite this shortcoming, it’s a pretty, ahem, cool way to charge your phone, don’t you think?