Apple Feeling Generous With Free iTunes Movie Rentals

With the recent release of AirPlay, Apple is working on locking down your Apple TV inhabited living rooms, and what better way to show off the technology than by offering users a freebie?

According to a report from 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is randomly sending out iTunes rental codes good for any one of the 8,000 plus movies available on the iTunes store. Of course this totally coincides with the fact that the Apple TV 2 operates on a rentals based model, so this may just be Apple wanting more users to give their service a trial run…

I can’t say I’m much of an iTunes renter; I’m not too fond of their “watch the whole thing in 24 hours or lose it” model, but that’s just me. Of course you have a full 30 days to hold on to the rental, as long as you don’t start viewing it.

Regardless of the reasoning and the restrictions though, free is free, and of course the movies are available to watch on your iPhone along with all of the other popular iOS devices. We just wish Apple would send a few codes in this direction.

Have you received a code yet? Let us know.

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