Jailbreak App Adds Screen Brightness Controls to Your iPhone App Switcher

App Switcher Brightness is a new jailbreak application – or rather a tweak – that adds a brightness slider to your iPhone app switcher. If you find yourself constantly changing the brightness of your iPhone screen, then App Switcher Brightness will most likely be a right fit for you.

Instead of having to go to Settings > Brightness, you can simply double press the home button to launch the app switcher, flick to the right to have your iPod controls appear, and your brightness control is there…

That’s all App Switcher Brightness does, and for $.99, I sure hope it works as advertised. This app does create a conflict with the App Switcher Volume app that we reviewed before. If you have this installed, you may want to stay away from App Switcher Brightness.

You can get App Switcher Brightness from Cydia.

Is that something you’d use?