Poll: What Do You Think of Apple’s Day “You’ll Never Forget”?

The news fell a little earlier today. The Beatles are now available on iTunes. Hippie! Yippie! Looking at the comments on our post about it, and also at people’s reaction on Twitter, I sense that most of you aren’t really happy about this.

To me, as a consumer, it’s a big disappointment. I understand it’s a big deal for the music industry but who cares? We’re not music industry execs.

I never sat down and said to myself “gosh I wish the Beatles were on iTunes”. No, I just inserted every Beatles’ CD in my computer years ago and digitalized all of them. Done. I never thought about it again.

But this news is not just about me. It’s about all of us, so let’s see what you have to say…

Please take a few seconds to take this poll and tell us how you feel about today’s big news that the Beatles are finally on iTunes.

As usual, you’re free to raise your voice by leaving a comment below.