AT&T Makes It Easy For You to Sue AT&T

That’s a text message I didn’t really expect! Apparently someone is gathering people who may want to be part of a class action lawsuit against AT&T. The strange thing about this is that it’s AT&T themselves who are sending this text message.

After going to the website mentioned in the text message, I learned that the settlement is about AT&T charging improper taxes for internet access through certain services…

If you paid taxes, fees or surcharges (“Internet Taxes”) to AT&T Mobility LLC (“AT&T Mobility”) on internet access through certain services including iPhone data plans, Blackberry data plans, other smart phone data plans, laptop connect cards and pay-per-use data services on bills issued from November 1, 2005 up to and including September 7, 2010, you might be eligible to receive benefits from a class action settlement.

Where there is money, there are lawyers!

I didn’t look more into this because I know AT&T didn’t overcharge me. Maybe some of you would want to try to make a few bucks off AT&T though. If you’re going to be part of this, please let us know how and why in the comments.