iPhone Quick Tip: Rearranging Your Icons

Today, in our iPhone Quick Tips section, we will learn how to rearrange your iPhone icons. While this might sound like the very basics to most of us, I can tell you from experience that some people out there still have no idea they can move their icons around. Don’t laugh! You were an iPhone beginner once too.

You can easily customize the layout of application icons on the home screen of your iPhone, including the dock icons at the bottom of the screen…

To rearrange an icon:

  • tap and hold any icon for a few seconds.
  • once the icons start jiggling, tap on the icon you want to move and drag it where you want it to be
  • when you’re done, hit the Home button to stop the jiggling

Additionally, if you want to move an icon to another screen, simply drag the icon to the side of the screen while it jiggling. You will automatically be taken to a new screen.