Concierge, Scout, and iQueue – Apple’s Internal Apps get a Makeover

The Apple Store app has been updated to support location based check-in and reservation services for customers at Apple Stores. These Foursquare-like check-ins will help customers find Apple employees to assist them while their shopping.

Genius Bar reservations can also be confirmed through location based check-ins from customers. The 1.1 update was pushed this morning. This new feature in the Apple Store app will interface with Apple employee’s internal apps, like Concierge.

Macstories recently released an exclusive from an inside source that there has been a major revamp to the Apple Store apps that are used internally by Apple employees. Apparently, this Apple Store app update will help make Apple employees more efficient…

An employee at Apple sent Macstories multiple screenshots showing off the new features of the Concierge app. Macstories reports,

“Sunday night and early Monday morning we learned that Apple has been planning to provide Apple Store employees and customers with a way to wirelessly check-in to retail stores. At a recent week long conference in Los Angeles, Apple Store managers were flown in and treated to the initial location based concept. We now have physical evidence, and more details on the specifics of the new concierge services. Monday morning, the service went live for Apple Store employees. Employees have to utilize an app called Concierge that sends a push notification to him/her when a customer with a reservation checks-in to the Apple Store via their iPhone.”

Apple employees will use Concierge to see when a customer checks in to the Apple Store. iQueue is then used to manage the customers that an employee is waiting on and the time that the customer checked-in.

A separate app, called Scout, gives Apple employees the ability to set room-by-room locations in the store for close proximity check-ins from customers. Pretty cool stuff. These updates to Concierge and the Apple Store app should help improve the efficiency of Apple Store employees and customer satisfaction. Although, I don’t know how customer satisfaction could get any better for Apple.

The changelog for the Apple Store app update:

“- Add engraving and gift wrapping to select purchases from the Apple Online Store.
– Reserve products for pickup at an Apple Retail Store.
– Check in for reservations and request help within stores (iOS 4 required).
– Add Apple Retail Store reservations directly to iCal.

Please note: With Location Services on and the Apple Store app open, Apple will use your location to identify nearby Apple Retail Stores and to offer additional services when you are in a store. If you have previously opted into the Apple Store app using location but do not want this new feature, you can update your Location Services preferences in General Settings”

Read the Macstories exclusive to see multiple screenshots from the new Concierge update and location services in the Apple Store app. And read our article about the possible white iPhone 4 tease in the Apple Store app update.

Update your Apple Store app and go to an Apple Store to try it out! We want to hear how check-ins work for you.

[via Macstories]