ToneFXs: Get Your Custom Alert Tones On

I love the iPhone. Really I do. I love most everything about it. Most. But like any other iDevice geek, I have found some less than desirable aspects of the iPhone, namely tone alerts.

Imagine walking into a crowded coffee shop. Now imagine someone with their iPhone volume turned all the way up and that particular someone receives an SMS. With the default SMS [tri-tone] sound, odds are some owners of iPhones in the coffee shop will glance at their screen to verify whether it’s them or not. In a nutshell, every stock iPhone on the planet has the same tri-tone sound when it comes SMS. Boring huh?

ToneFXs, by Efiko Software, isn’t new by any means but it let’s you say goodbye to stock ringtones and alert tones. With ToneFXs, you can shuffle your ringtones and customize up to 10 different alert tones.

Yes, you read correctly. You can shuffle your ringtones and customize 10 alert tones. With ToneFXs, you can customize:

  1. SMS tone
  2. Voicemail tone
  3. Mail (incoming and outgoing) tone
  4. Calendar tone
  5. Keyboard tone
  6. Camera shutter tone
  7. Lock and unlock tones
  8. Charging tone

The best part is you can upload your own alert sounds using ToneFXCreator, a free companion application for Windows or Mac that lets you choose and upload custom sounds. While ToneFXs comes with a handful of stock tones, all you need is a little creativity to set your device apart from others.

ToneFXs is available in the Cydia Store with a price tag of $4.99 plus a free 15 day trial. What about you? On the fence about buying ToneFXs? Do you use ToneFXs? What do you think about it?