5 of the Best SBSettings Themes

If you have jailbroken your iOS device, chances are you’ve heard of SBSettings. For years, it has remained one of the staple applications of the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store. If you aren’t familiar with SBSettings, go read our original review of the app.

In my opinion, SBSettings is enough reason to jailbreak. The app is that useful. I’m not sure why Apple hasn’t implemented the idea into iOS yet. I love being able to quickly toggle my iPhone’s resources and settings on and off.

The two things I love in an app are functionality and aesthetics. And in most cases, I won’t use an app if it doesn’t have both. The functionality of SBSettings is undeniable, but I’ve found that finding an aesthetically pleasing theme for the app is somewhat tedious. So, I have done my best to comb the far reaches of Cydia to bring you five of the best SBSettings themes…

1. Serious Theme. This is my current theme. I just love the fit and finish. All of the edges are rounded nicely and and all of the toggles look great with each other.

2. Shwank Theme. A very nice, sleek theme. Shwank looks great with a dark wallpaper. The theme’s reflectiveness is very iPhone 4ish. What can I say. It’s Shwanky.

3. Gruppled Theme. I love the gray-scaled look of this theme. The colors and spacing just make it work.

4. iPhone Congruency Theme. This theme looks like it was meant to be there natively. Apple couldn’t have done it any better.

5. Metal-Tech Theme. The toggles and colors look nice. Not my absolute favorite, but a nice theme nonetheless.

So what do you think? Were there some themes that I should have included? What’s your favorite SBSettings theme?