LimeRa1n Not Working? Try This

LimeRa1n not working? There are a couple things you might have missed that could explain why LimeRa1n is not working for you.

First, LimeRa1n is for Windows only, at least for the time being. Obviously, if you’re trying to get LimeRa1n to work on a Mac, it’s not going to work.

LimeRa1n also requires the latest version of iTunes to function properly. If LimeRa1n isn’t working, make sure your version of iTunes is up to date.

For LimeRa1n to work, you have to run it as an administrator on your computer. You can just do that by right clicking on LimeRa1n and choosing “run as administrator” from the menu.

Another issue you might encounter with LimeRa1n is the following. You ran LimeRa1n without any problem, but when you think you’re done, you don’t see any LimeRa1n icon on your iPhone screen. If that’s the case, try rebooting your iPhone. Alternatively, you may want to hard reset it by holding the Home and Power button together until your iPhone shuts down.

Getting error 3014? Try this.

Finally, many people report getting their iPhone stuck on the Apple logo when using LimeRa1n. If that happens to you, check out our previous post on how to get your iPhone out of reboot loop.

You might have encountered other issues and maybe you even have a solution for them. Please take the time to share your problems and fixes in the comments section below.

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