LimeRa1n to Mess Up GreenPois0n Release

Talking about drama… LimeRa1n was released minutes ago and the first reviews are not very good. Worst part is Geohot decided to screw the whole jailbreak community by revealing his exploit whereas the Chronic Dev had been working on their own SHAtter exploit for weeks now.

MuscleNerd just confirmed on Twitter that SHAtter will not be used this time for GreenPois0n. Instead of “giving away” 2 exploits to Apple, both iPhone Dev Teams have decided to hold on on the release of a SHAtter-based jailbreak and instead, they will use Geohot’s exploit. This is good, but this could also mess up the release of GreenPois0n…

The good thing is that Chronic Dev is acting responsibly and doesn’t want to give it all away to Apple so they decided to use Geohot’s exploit for GreenPois0n. The problem is they basically have to start their work from scratch, which means the scheduled release time for GreenPois0n might change.

With all the coding and testing both Dev Teams will have to do in the next few hours, I doubt they’ll be able to make it on time. Thanks Geohot!

UPDATE: Looks like I was right on that one. Chronic Dev still has lots of work to do before releasing GreenPois0n now that they have to give up SHAtter and incorporate Geohot’s exploit…

What do you think about the whole situation?