Disable Your iPhone Lockscreen “Intelligently” With NoLockScreen

Pfft, lock screens, who needs ‘em anyway? With this latest tweak from Tom Zickel, you can say sayonara to that annoying lock screen for good. Of course for those of you who use your lock screen for various widgets for e-mail, weather, and the like, this may not be for you.

But for those who want to get right down to the action without delay, NoLockScreen fulfills its promises, but not without some caveats… 

The main issue with NoLockScreen is of course security, or lack thereof. Installing this tweak completely bypasses your lock screen, hence bypassing any passcodes you may have enabled on your phone as well. I’m not really sure how “intelligent” this really is.

The only time the passcode feature does happen to kick in is with a respring or a reboot. Of course if your phone is lost, stolen, or just falls into the hands of a devious mastermind bent on taking over the world, this could spell trouble.

You can download NoLockScreen for free from Cydia. If identity theft doesn’t raise an eyebrow with you, then go ahead, it works great. It’s just not something I would enable if security was of any concern. What do you think?