Swearch – A Swanky Startpage for Your iPhone

Swearch.me is a web app created by Steve Streza, a web and mobile developer. The app uses HTML5, CSS, and Javascript to deliver an elegant search engine experience in mobile Safari. Everything is retina display-optimized and lighting fast.

The current engines offered are Google, Twitter, Wikipedia and Flickr. When you visit Swearch.me on your iPhone, you see the Google engine first. Simply swipe your finger from right to left to switch between Twitter, Wikipedia and Flickr’s engines…

Each search page has a simplistic and polished look. When you enter your search query you are taken to the mobile site for each of the four services. You can add the web app to your iPhone’s homescreen for quick reference.

If you’re the kind of person who wants a nice, clean startpage for Safari on your iPhone, then Swearch is for you. And the best part is Streza is evolving Swearch into a more robust web app as we speak. Good things to look forward to from this little engine. What do you think?