iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak: This is Where We’re At

The forums and blogs are filling up quickly with the most common question out in the iPhone world, “Where is the 4.1 Jailbreak?’. The jailbreak was revealed when a widely known hacker, pod2g, posted the iBSS decryption keys for the iPhone 4.

The exploit used was codenamed SHAtter, and it is in the bootrom and can not be fixed due to the fact it resides in the hardware…

The initial finder of the exploit was Geohot and was later independently found by p0sixninja. This is one of the golden exploits in the iPhone dev community because it allows full access to launch unsigned code. SHAtter is the gift that so far has kept giving, it has been found to work on the iPod Touch 4G, and the new Apple TV.

The exploit will make its debut when then Greenpois0n jailbreak utility is released. As of now there is no indication of whether the iOS 4.1 Jailbreak will be tethered or untethered but we know it’s coming. When it does come you know iDB will be on top of it with links and guides to help you out!

Anything else you want to know about the iPhone 4.1 jailbreak, feel free to ask.