How to Get Your iPhone Back on AT&T’s Unlimited Data Plan

When AT&T changed its data plans a few months ago, it put an end the unlimited data plans for new iPhone customers. Existing customers were however offered the possibility to stay on those unlimited plan. Others decided to go to a cheaper capped data plan. The trick is once you give up your unlimited plan, you cannot go back to it.

That’s exactly what my friend Mathew did. He wanted to save a few bucks and downgraded to the $25 2GB plan but he quickly regretted his move. I was talking with Mathew the other day while preparing the TwiiPhone podcast when he told me he had found a way to get his iPhone back to the unlimited data plan.

I was very interested in hearing his story and how he managed to go back to the grandfathered unlimited data plan so he offered to email me all the details of the story. Here it is for you…


After restoring the Unlimited Data plan for several friends, talking with others (@branden3112) and spending more time understanding the processes involved; new information has become available and is available for your reading pleasure below.

In the original article, it was stated that you needed a new/blank SIM card that had never been activated. This has now been confirmed to not be the case. Any SIM card, activated or not, even one used with a previous iPhone can be used for this processes. The only SIM card that cannot be used is a deactivated SIM card.

All account types should work without issue. That means, family plans, employee discount plans and family plans with employee discounts, as well as others that are not listed.

There are scenarios that make the process easier. The scenario that works best is one where you are on a single line AT&T account with no data plan. In the tests conducted, iTunes was able to complete the activation process from start to finish while using the same SIM card from the previous phone.

Some things to note are that everyone’s experience will vary and all scenarios have not been accounted for. Your best chance for success when trouble arises is to take your iPhone 2G & SIM card to your local AT&T store. If that’s not possible, call customer service and convince them that the activation can only happen if the proper data plan is registered in your account. I told AT&T the same thing on several occasions and succeeded in restoring unlimited data this way.

AT&T representatives are fully capable of having unlimited data restored. (some may need a supervisor to finish or approve the process).


  • One, fresh, non-jailbroken, unactivated, first generation iPhone (iPhone 2G)
  • One, new, never activated SIM card for use in the first gen iPhone (this can even be a microSIM card paired with a SIM adapter to fit in the iPhone 2G)

Background info

As you may know, once switched to the tiered data plans, there is no going back. (so I once thought)

I spent a short amount of time trying to think about a way to resurrect my unlimited data plan when it hit me. The 1st Gen iPhone is, and continues to be tied to a very special rate plan with AT&T. I don’t know if this is because of the fact that you can manage the whole activation process from the comfort of your home and iTunes, but it’s still available.

The old rate plan for iPhone 2G is a special bundle comprised of a minimum of 450 voice minutes, 200 text messages (no MMS) and… Unlimited DATA!!! This was the ticket back in. My unforeseen problems ahead of me were not so enjoyable though.

The process

Over the years I had accumulated a number of AT&T SIM Cards and therefore had a few brand new, unactivated SIMs lying around. I also had the luck of having a friend who still had an iPhone 2G. I grabbed his iPhone 2G, threw in a blank, new SIM card, did a full restore of the iPhone 2G in iTunes and was presented with the old home activation setup.

I proceeded to tell iTunes I wanted to replace my current phone with this phone (the iPhone 2G). I was presented with questions about my account and other little details like to choose my rate plan options and so forth.

I finished going through the setup, received a confirmation email and proceeded to wait for AT&T to complete the activation process on their end. This was the beginning of the struggles.

The struggle

I waited and waited and waited some more. Then waited some more until I finally called AT&T to find out what was taking so long. I was apparently put into some kind of limbo state where the system was awaiting approval. The representative I was working with told me to continue to wait and call back tomorrow if the problem didn’t fix itself. So I waited some more and of course, nothing changed.

I called AT&T the next morning and complained about the issue. I got a different rep this time around, and she assisted me in trying to force her system to accept the iPhone for activation. When we finally thought we were close (after she completely twisted my account around) the phone still wouldn’t activate. Again, I was told to wait it out as the rep had escalated my issue to the next level.

I called back later that day since I couldn’t even use either phones (the iPhone 2G or the iPhone 4). I had no luck again with getting the iPhone 2G activated, but, I was able to confirm that I had unlimited data again. Although the phone itself wouldn’t activate (for reasons I still don’t really know) the process returned my unlimited data plan.

The idea here is that since AT&T no longer offers the special $30 unlimited data plan for iPhone 2G, the system is forced to do what’s called “grandfather” your account. That’s where you’re able to retain unlimited data, even though AT&T no longer offers it.

The final twist

This is not the end though. I made my way to an AT&T store (not some mall kiosk or reseller, a real AT&T store) with my iPhone 4 and told the rep my story. I also informed the rep that I wanted to keep my new unlimited data plan. The guy helping me toyed around in the system, activated a new microSIM card, put it in my iPhone 4 and said “You’re all set”.

Boom!!! AT&T Wireless Unlimited Data plan restored. Now my process was extreme as it was my first time trying this out, but I learned a lot from it and now you can benefit from it too.

In short…

Here is the summary of what you need to know that should work for anyone. If you are porting your number, the process should be even smoother.

  • When you get to a point where you are stuck (when the iPhone 2G won’t complete activation and iTunes tells you AT&T needs additional time) just go to your local AT&T store and tell the rep all you want is to keep your unlimited data plan. (you can double check this ahead of time by logging in to your AT&T account online and it should show you having unlimited data, it did for me).
  • Make sure the iPhone 2G is iTunes restorable to iOS 3.1.3 stock firmware.
  • Make sure you have a new unactivated SIM card (you can get these from the AT&T store directly, but your luck may vary)

That’s an interesting trick, isn’t it? Have you downgraded to the tiered data plan and are now regretting your move? Or maybe you’re a new AT&T customer and you didn’t have the opportunity to be grandfathered in the unlimited plan. If so, try out the method described above and let us know how it worked for you.

If you’re successful in getting back on the unlimited data plan, make sure to say hi to Mathew on Twitter.


  1. Where can I get a new sim? I got a iPhone 2, also would this work with a family plan?

    1. You can get an unactivated sim from your local Att retailer. As for the family plan question; well, you’ll just have to experiment and let us know what happens.

  2. So he was able to retain his 20$ unlimited plan rather than the 30$ normal that it used to cost before the tiered services?

  3. This actually has me thinking. To do this you need a new sim card which I’m interpretting as you’ll cultivate a new contract. What happens to the old contract?

    1. If you use a pay as you go SIM card you don’t need a contract. You just need the SIM. When you set up your account in iTunes, it should ask for your number and will tie the accounts together then. That’s what I believe anyway.

  4. woo…sound pretty good…but, I moved to sprint 2months ago for, I am thinking to go back to ATT for iPhone 4…so, Does this work for me???…I will give a try…thanks for the post..

  5. I had also had the iPhone 2g the first time it came out, I got tired of AT&T’s crappy service so I switched to verizon. But I didn’t cancel my service but I did end my unlimited data package. So when the new iPhone came out I went back and used it on my new iPhone. So I was stuck to the new 2g data package. They were not offering the old unlimited data package but I called AT&T and told them I use to have unlimited data. I talked to a cool guy and he put a claim in for me, and I now have unlimited data on my phone after they changed plan rates…


    I did correctly reference the $20 rate plan. When I mentioned grandfathering I left out that AT&T can only grandfather your account to the $30 unlimited plan.

    This process does indeed work on a family plan. I was and am on a family plan when I did the process.

    This process does not extended or renew your contract.

  7. Hey Matthew, thanks for posting your story.

    I have two quick quesions:

    – If the 2G iphone was ever jailbroken, would I be able to use it for this?

    – I have a 2G iphone whose touchscreen does not work (you can see the display but can’t tap on anything). Would this be an issue?

    – Dan

    1. For your iPhone 2G just do a full restore in iTunes using stock firmware 3.1.3

      You don’t really need to be able to use the iPhone 2G, so even if the screen doesn’t accept input (your fingers touching it) you should be fine.

      1. Thanks Matt! Do you know how to check if this iphone has the right firmware? If it doesn’t, do you know if there’s a way to get it on it?

  8. To confirm your iPhone 2G is at the latest stock firmware, just connect it to the computer, launch iTunes, click on the iPhone from within iTunes and then click the “Restore” button found on the summary tap.

    More info on restoring can be found on under support.

    1. Hey MEDIC,

      are you the one who posted on Xsellize recently? I thought it had worked out for you! What happened?

      1. Yup, the only option that worked was to call and use the 2G IMEI…
        I tride this, the actual restore months ago on my other iPhone 4 and it worked, just not on my wifes…
        The calling of AT&T worked better, Good luck!

  9. Hi,

    I’m really excited about trying this out but I just wanted to confirm a couple of things so I don’t mess anything up. I already own an iPhone 4 on the $25 data plan. So can I just buy a used iPhone 2g restore it and pop an unactivated go phone sim in it? How will this get tied over to my iPhone 4 account? Thanks

  10. This method was posted on sites like and MacRumors back in July. Also, this method no longer works. Apple has since patched it. I tried it for my friend just last week and not 2 hours after activating his SIM he got a text from AT&T that said that he had automatically been switched back to his original data plan.

    1. Jared: Thanks for posting your experience!

      Did your friend receive that text while the SIM was still in the 2G?

      If he received the text ON the iPhone 4: how long had he kept the newly activated SIM in his 2G before swapping it?

    1. it worked for me. i hope at&t doesn’t switch me back. almost 24 hours and i’m still good.

      1. Truegamefamily:

        Pleeeease tell us in detail how you did it, step by step! PLEASE!

        Thanks in advance!

  11. i did what mathew said above. the only thing i did different. i took both phones to a at&t store and told a rep. i wanted to activate my 2g and told him i wanted the plan descibed above with unlimited data. it took a little while and he came back with it activated. then i asked him to swicth me back to my 4g and he did. i asked him to check and see if i had unlimited data still and he said yes. it only took about 30 minutes to do the whole thing. i checked about an hour ago and i still have unlimited data. i go to the at&t store all the time; so they helped me with no problems. no questions aked at all.

    1. Truegamefamily:

      So, unlike Matthew, you didn’t use iTunes yourself for the activation at all?

      1. when i switched back to my 4g all he did was activate a new sim for the 4g and that was it. only feedback i have recieved from at&t is a email asking me to complete a survey so far. i’m going to keep my fingers crossed til tomorrow lol.

  12. i have an iphone 2g and i am using it with tmobile right now, will it work on a new account too?. like if i get the unactivated sim card, restore the iphone to 3.1.3, and create a new account for the 2g. i have a 16gb 3gs but its on 05.14.02 baseband which is unlockable.

    1. You should have the easiest experience of all.

      New account should be a walk in the park.

      Try it out and let us know how it goes.
      Worst case, it doesn’t work (but it should, more flawlessly than my experience). You can always reverse the process if you need to go back to T-Mobile.

      1. i have 30 days to cancel without an early termination fee right? i will try it this weekend to see how it goes then

  13. Two hours ago, I activated my 2G iPhone and got UNLIMITED DATA, but am yet to switch back to my iPhone 4. I’m gonna wait a couple of days before I do it so AT&T doesn’t get suspicious.

    This was my experience:

    I went to an AT&T store and the rep activated my iPhone 2G with iTunes (without restoring, although I would recommend doing so, just in case), using a brand new big SIM (they give out free SIMs to customers at corporate at&t stores). iTunes gave him no choice but to select an unlimited data plan 🙂

    After 30 minutes, I got an e-mail from “iTunes Store” that said:

    “Congratulations, AT&T has successfully activated your iPhone service. I you have not done so already, please connect your iphone to your computer now to complete this activation.” I ignored the las sentence of the e-mail because I already had service on the phone.

    30 minutes after that, I got a text that said:

    “Your iphone requires an elegible data plan. We have added an appropriate plan and messaging pkg. Call 611 or go to for info.”

    I started to worry. I seemed like they had re-established my 2-gigabyte data package.

    Then I noticed that at that same moment I had received an e-mail from “AT&T Customer Care for Wireless.”

    To my relief, it read (among other stuff):

    “iPhone allows you to easily surf the web, access social networking, email and more. That’s why we require an eligible Data Plan for iPhone when using iPhone. This ensures that customers with iPhones are not unpleasantly surprised with high data pay-per-use charges-just one low, predictable, flat rate for unlimited use each month.

    Our records indicate your iPhone does not have the correct data plan. We have added the appropriate Data Plan for iPhone. We’ve also added a messaging package to match the messaging plan included in your previous data and messaging bundle.

    Haha, seems like they forgot to modify that generic e-mail.

    So yeah, I have unlimited data and I confirmed it almost 2 hours after the activation by calling a rep. I didn’t call to ask her “HEY, DO I HAVE UNLIMITED DATA?” otherwise she would’ve gotten suspicious. I called to ask about something else and kinda made the chick give out what I wanted to hear.

    I’ll post again when I re-activate my iPhone 4.

    Good luck to everyone who is going to try this! Let me know if you have any questions. Don’t forget to thank Matt Rice and Sebastien!

    – David

  14. In case it helps:

    I became a member of AT&T on June 24th 2010, when they had already gotten rid of the unlimited data plan.

  15. I am currently doing the same thing as you, David. Don’t get too happy just yet though. The AT&T rep at my local store told me the iPhone2g method no longer works because AT&T will automatically switch you back to a limited data plan when you activate your iPhone4.

    Also, sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not a surprise for you to get unlimited data on your iPhone2g. AT&T will not take out the iPhone2g’s unlimited EDGE plan anytime soon. About a month ago a guy on some forum had called them to ask about this loophole and they said they are locked in a contractual agreement with Apple and aren’t allowed to stop their offering for unlimited data service with the iPhone2g. But no such agreement exists for the 3g, 3gs, and 4.
    So don’t get excited yet.

  16. [Commenting on Comments]

    – the Original iPhone 2G unlimited data plan no longer exists within AT&T, if you manage to get unlimited data, it will be the grandfathered version of the old iPhone 3G/3GS unlimited data plan @ the rate of $30.00 a month.

    – Once you’ve secured an unlimited data plan AT&T will not change your account to a tiered data plan unless you instruct them to.

    – In California at least, law states that you cannot be contracted to a service plan. So if you’re a new customer coming to AT&T via the iPhone 2G trick to get unlimited data, in theory, you should not become contracted at any point (even after 30 days, regardless of what the iTunes activation setup tells you), unless you later purchase a new phone with AT&T at a subsidized price.

    – As long as you make sure to tell the AT&T representative who is helping you that you want to keep your unlimited data plan you should be able to keep it. If they say no, tell them to find someone who knows how to.

    ***All information provided above was gathered from official written statements

  17. Just did this today, all in one day!!! SUCCESS!! We bought iPhone 4’s the other night, I have the grandfathered data plan, my girlfriend is a new ATT customer.

    1. Go to ATT store, tell them you want to switch from iPhone 4 to iPhone 2G. (If they ask why or try and sway you, say you got one for free as gift and, if you like, will return the iPhone 4) and setup this phone with new sim, in itunes, with the unlimited $30 plan. (Sometimes they will do this in-store for you or you can do it at home for the 2G. We setup the 2G in-store, but it didn’t activate. We went back to ATT store 4 hours later, they re-setup the phone, again in itunes, this time it worked.)

    2. We made a call on the 2G and confirmed the data plan by going to on my iPhone 4. UNLIMITED!!!

    3. Went back to another store, so they didn’t recognize us or catch on, asked to swtich back to the iPhone 4. The girl said, which data plan do you want, the $15 or $25… I said, we want to keep the unlimited (which we had for less than a day :)) she said, “ok sure.” I’m sure her hesitation was from not knowing to LOOK for an unlimited option when setting up an iPhone 4 but it worked like a charm. She setup the new iPhone 4, purchased 2 days before, and we left the store feeling giddy!

    Thanks for all the info, folks!! Huge help!

  18. Need some help here. I just bought a jailbroken iphone 2g. I got a new unactivated sim and placed in the iphone and connected to itunes. It was on version 3.1.3 and there was no option for me to restore it from itunes. It wanted me to activate it which I did with the brand new sim. I got an email saying AT&T was working on it, blah blah blah. A few hours passed and I got impatient and tried my active sim card (I have AT&T with unlimited $15 data plan with unbranded phone). It had mego through the same steps as I did with the new sim. Got the same email. In both cases, I am not able to use the phone and says for emergencies only. Is that because it is jailbroken? how do I restore if I dont see that option under itunes?

    I also read that I need to turn off messaging. I am on a family plan and in any case it will not let me turn it off. I have tried countless times and it keep giving me an error and says to call a number.

  19. Can someone let me know if this method still works as of OCT 25th 2010? Thank You, will be waiting for a reply.

  20. Worked for me on Oct. 5th, 2010.

    I posted half of my story a few weeks ago, but here goes the full updated version:

    I became a new AT&T customer in June of 2010 with iPhone 4 on a 2GB data plan.

    On October 5th, 2010, I did the trick and, 20 days later, I STILL HAVE UNLIMITED DATA ON MY IPHONE 4.

    First thing I did was buy a semi-functional iPhone 2G from a Craigslist seller for 40 bucks. The only defective aspect of the phone was the dock section of the screen (the bottom icon row); it was somehow not sensitive to taps but was to slides.

    I would suggest taking the 2G to an AT&T corporate store for a representative to activate it for you, which is what I did. I’ve read many comments of people who have failed to activate their 2G at home.

    At the AT&T store, I told a representative that I wanted to switch to the iPhone 2G that I brought in. I didn’t tell him that I currently used an iPhone 4, just in case.

    The representative inserted a brand new SIM card into the 2G and connected it to one of the computers (they usually give you SIMs for free at AT&T stores). He opened iTunes and went through the activation process with me. iTunes gave him no choice but to add unlimited data for 20 bucks, a data plan only available to 2G users from back in the day, which is why I received a text message minutes after the activation saying that I had been changed to an “appropriate” data plan (the 30 dollar unlimited data plan).

    When I got home, I noticed that I had received two e-mails: one of them confirmed the activation of the 2G and the other informed me that my data plan had been changed to what i mentioned.

    After 24 hours, I went back to the AT&T store and asked the guy to switch me to my iPhone 4, and told him to make sure I kept my features the way they were, with unlimited data and everything. He removed my iPhone 4’s old SIM, popped in a brand new one for free, accessed my account through his system and activated it (without using iTunes, I think, cause he didnt plug it into the computer).

    When I got home, I accessed my AT&T account online and noticed that DATA was under unlimited.

    Today, when I checked my usage through the MyWireless AT&T app, I saw “234MB of UNLIMITED.”

    Good luck to everyone! Let me know if you have questions.


    (Thanks again to Matt Rice for the tip and Sebastien!)

  21. BY THE WAY, try finding someone who would let you borrow their 2G instead of buying one. Not sure if it would be ok to use a 2G that is currently activated, though.

  22. Follow-up to my story. After 12 hours the iphone activated WITH my current sim (which is AT&T). It is also jailbroken (didnt restore). I had both the new sim (just went into AT&T store and they handed me one) and my current sim and tried to activate both (see above story). I then called an AT&T rep and they said to leave the activated sim in the iphone and leave it plugged into itunes. They said it could take sometimes 24-48 hours to work and if it didnt activate to call apple. Never had to, as I woke this morning to an activated iphone 2G. Checked my data plan and it is unlimited with 200 free text for $20 (also gives me the option to do unlimited data +1500 text for $30 or unlimited data and text for $40). I am sure that will switch again to the $30 (will update when it does). I also am on a family plan with unlimited messaging for $30. that remained the same and i never touched or turned it off (it wouldnt allow me last night). In a few days I will go renew my acct to get the Iphone 4.

    I bought the 2g so my husband can use it as an ipod.

  23. David, did you get a new number?or kept your old one and how did you do so the att rep didn’t see your 2gb data pro?or did he change it right there and then.

  24. Eduardo- I used my existing sim, so same phone number. The AT&T rep could not do anything to my data plan as he said that it was all done through apple and itunes (dont know if thats right because he did take my IMEI # to “try to”). On my acct I only had the $10 data plan for non-smartphones (but I just used an unbranded smartphone).

  25. Eduardo, I kept my old number. When I went to activate the 2G, I told the guy that all I wanted to do was switch phones. Then, when I went back to re-activate my iPhone 4, I also told the guy that all I wanted to do was switch phones. You can switch phones without losing your number. All you are doing is switching your account from one device to another.

    I don’t know if the rep saw my 2GB data plan or not. I don’t think he did. I don’t think that’s important anyway. If you activate an iPhone 2g, you cannot transfer your 2GB DATA PRO plan to it anyway. When activating a 2G, you have no choice but to get unlimited data.

    Let me know if you have more questions! Good luck, Lalo.


  26. Oh, but JUST IN CASE, Eduardo: make sure you tell the rep that you want to select your IPHONE 2G FEATURES while he activates it. This way you will SEE that unlimited is being added.

  27. A “2G iPhone” is actually the first model of iPhone ever released. It’s known as “2G” because the EDGE network (which it connects to) is commonly known as a “2G network,” although, technically, it’s 2.5, not 2.

    So, in this thread, we’ve been talking about the first generation iPhone all along!

    Hope that helps.

  28. Brad-
    to answer the second question:

    When you activate an iPhone 2G, you get the option of unlimited data for 20 dollars on the activation screen, but once activated, it is automatically changed to $30 because $20 for unlimited data is unavailable for new activations. I don’t know how it is for iPhone 2G users who activated their phone back in the day; my guess is they still pay 20.

  29. so does this method still appear to work?
    I’m currently on T-mobile with unlimited and I should be receiving an iphone 4 soon. But i don’t want to stay on AT&T if this loophole no longer works

  30. Jay: I’m helping out a friend with it this weekend and I’ll post the results. Mine worked on Oct. 5th.

  31. It still works as of Nov 5 2010. I waited 48 hrs in between activating the iPhone 2g & iPhone 4. Also as a side note AT&T sweeps their network every 12 hrs in Texas because the next morning after I activated the iPhone 4 it was showing on my account online.

  32. Does anyone know if you can use a different phone besides the iphone4? Cuz my samsung captivate is arriving soon and I would love to use this to get unlimited data

  33. I currently have an iPhone 4 with the 200mb data plan. If I borrow my friend’s iPhone 2g and walk into an at&t store and ask them to switch from iPhone 4 to iPhone 2g, my iPhone 4 will become deactivated correct?

    When they are switching me to 2g will they ask which data plan or will it automatically be the unlimited?

    What are some reasons you guys gave to the sales rep when they asked why you are switching?


  34. i just tried, by activating a new sim card on an old 2g phone. It gave me the option of $30.00 unlimited data and texting. I am heading into a store tomorrow afternoon. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Hey i finally got the money to get myself an iPhone 4. I have a 2g, i dont have an att account an a while back i asked if i ha to get a contract if i activated an old iphone. From what i understand i dont have to get a contract. So if i activate the 2g on a new account and get the unlimited internet, then a day or 2 after i go to a store and get an iPhone 4 can i set my accpunt to a 2 yr contract so i can get the iphone at a discounted price?

  36. I’m planning on getting an iPhone 4 soon. I can borrow someone’s iPhone 2g. I was planning on doing this loophole, but I wondering if you can do this when signing up for a family plan?

  37. As of 11/27/2010, this feature still works for all account types. I have personally done this for myself and two friends over the last 3 months with different account types.

    I am in the process of drafting an update for iPDB that will highlight some of the details left out of the article that were not know at the time of writing.

    For the most part, if you follow the article, you should be able to have unlimited data.

  38. I am going to do this when just shortly after christmas, I will let you know how it goes.

  39. 12/07/2010 I myself have tried this two days ago.. IT WAS A SUCESS!! i got my UNLIMITED plan back in a matter of 3 hrs. Which was a little of a struggle but it worked like a charm!!!!

  40. I’ve never been an AT&T Customer, but I have an iPhone 4/Jailbreak (which cannot be unlocked) so I’ve been considering switching to AT&T to be able to use it.

    I see that AT&T offers unlimited Data Plans for regular phones. Can I get one of these plans/cheap phones and then just put the Sim Chip in the iPhone 4.

    With T*Mobile I can stick my Sim Chip in any unlocked or TMobile phone and it will just work. Is this the same with AT&T or does the iPhone 4 require some special AT&T activation?

  41. just got back from the store, activated 4 phones on the family plan. I did receive the unlimited plan at the store. He activated my 2g and then completed an exchange over to the IPhone 4. Did pay the $30 dollars for the plan.

  42. @ RO.. yes i did activate the phone VIA itunes.. then i called them up and verified the unlimited.. NExt day i went to the att store. and told them i want to activate my iphone 4 from my previous phone line which i already had the unlimited plan . and it all carried over to my new iphone 4…

  43. @ randy. you can’t do that my friend!!!! you need an actual SMARTPHONE PLAN.. the regualr plan that you will activate and once you put it into your iphone for it will kick that phone plan out and it will autmatically add the 2gig data plan.. i suggest you do what i did. and what the guy wrote in this article. IT WORKS!!!

    @raul that guy was just trying to earn his commision off of you. it would work for the average joe like us. follow the steps for anyone else who is me from the above article.

    IT REALLY does work!!

  44. Manny, with all do respect. There are allot of average joe’s like me on this blog, people who are considering porting their numbers from other carriers . Communication never hurts.

  45. I purchased an att go phone to do this trick. I slipped it in the iphone 2g and started the activation process and got a message that says authorization required before I can activate iphone on att network. Anyone else getting this message? Is it because I am in a business plan or because it is a prepaid sim?

  46. @Alvin. Sorry friend, I borrowed this phone from a friend after looking around for 3 weeks. I am pretty sure u can ask around.

    Now since he has scene me do it. He wants me to help him do 3 lines on his account as well.

    U can look on craigliat u can get lucky with paying less then 80 bucks for it. I almost bought one for 75 and last minute my friend had one. I suggest u ask around first then search online. Do it fast before the loop hole closes.

  47. @Manny. I tried it a couple of days ago and it told me to contact att tyo setup my enterprise data plan

  48. @jason you need to go to the store pick up a new sim. and actiavte it through the ITUNES. there you will select the unlimited 20 dollar plan.. and then call up att or go to the store to finalize the activation. the 2g has its own unique data plan and they will honor it. the ATT store guy told me that.

    and when you change your phone to the iphone 3g or better. you will be obligated to get the 30 dollar plan which is unlimited. you will grandfather over unless you chose the lower data plan. which you won’t cause you are trying to get the unlimted.

  49. @jason i hope you read the article. the way he posted is exactly what you gotta go. YOU NEED A NEW SIM unactivated. you need to part of a PHONE PLAN or going to open a new line.. you can’t be a GO Phone Customer. cause obviously you will be confined a legitimate phone plan with data plan as well.

  50. @Manny. I am not a gophone customer just got a go phone to see if the sim would work for the trick.

  51. @jason. ohh okay.. just go to the att store and pick up a unactivated sim. its free. pop it in and follow the instructions. i am about to do the same for my friend tomorrow.

  52. @Manny: thanks for the response.
    If somebody knows something about getting a 2G, let me know. Im still looking for a 2G.
    I have an att account, but my “unlimited” data plan (family) is only for “basic phones”, so I can’t get the “iphone unlimited” 🙁
    Hopefully somenone will help me.
    Thanks guys.

  53. Got a brand new sim from the ATT store and tried to do the activation of the iphone and I don’t even get far enough to be able to pick plans. I get kicked out straight away and sent to a screen that I need to contact ATT for assistance with my data plan. Has anyone had any recent luck with trying to get this to work? I am following the instructions to a T and not getting anywhere

  54. @jason. make sure you restore the device. and you already have the unactivated sim in the device. make sure your itunes is uptodate and then do it. I made sure of that before i followed the instructions above.

    @mathew sorry i don’t have any screen shots. i used my friends iphone 2g to do it.

  55. @Mathew. here is a like to my photobucket with pictures of what is happening when I try to do the unlim data trick.They are backward in the album although I did number them so you can see the progression

  56. I put a second comment that is awaiting moderation that has the link on it. If you have an email I can send it to you that way

  57. @Jason

    I just saw ur pics on bucketlist. The last pic that u see where u select if u are a new customer or previous after that option u click next. On the next screen is where u select the data plan.

  58. @manny. I am selecting to replace my current phone with the iphone. Should I be selecting new customer instead?

  59. @manny. I am on ATT family plan with two iPhones 2G and paying $20 /each for unlimited data plan.
    I would like to upgrade at least one of them to iPhone 4.
    My questions:
    1/ I guess there is no way to buy new iPhone4 at subsidized price and keep my old date plan, right?
    2/ if that’s the case the only way for me would be to buy iphone 4 at full price (CL or eBay), then bring it
    ATT store and try to switch it my old dp to new one? Do I need to even do this, I was thinking to switch just simm card from 2g to 4 w/o going to store. But in that case I am all confused how $20 plan would change to $30?
    Can you help me here? thx

  60. Cube, if you have a 2G already with the $20 unlimited data, you are considered grandfathered when you upgrade to a 4G.
    Go to a AT&T store and they will be able to give you the unlimited data for $30.
    Ask and verify before you commit to another 2 years.

    1. you mean I can even get $199/$299 upgrade deal with 2 year contract and move my plan with unlimited data plan? A while ago I stopped at ATT store and asked about upgrade and I was told it would have to be new plan with $30 payment increase for 2 iphones. (extra $10 for DP and $5 for TM). So, is it possible to carry over my 2g plan with no payment increase if I buy unlocked iPhone 4 for full price and just swap simm card? I am really confused about all this…

  61. @ Jason. U are a current customer cause u are Att customer. So u won’t select new customer.

    U can’t keep ur old data plan rate. The moment u put in ur sim into any 3G phone it will automatically put u into the 30 dollar plan. Cause I myself did that. Not just that the iPhone 4 takes a mini sim. I cut mine to fit into it and the automatically converted me. I had to call them back up to go back to the old plan. Until 2 weeks later I upgraded to my iPhone 4 and I got grandfathered in.

  62. @manny. Then I am making the right selections. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am following the instructions and it doesn’t seem to work.

    1. @ jason if you never had a iphone data plan then your are a new customer.. if you currently do then you just select previous customer

  63. I’m in the process of activating an old 2g to a new family plan. So, far I got stuck, b/c i was trying to transfer my phone number too.

      1. phone activated w/ unlimited data!! Now to try to upgrade to iphone 4 with a family plan.

      2. the UPGRADE will work flawlessly.. cause i did the same then. they will autmoatically grandfater you into the unlimted plan for iphone 4…

      3. i’ve having hard time getting iphone 4s in my area. on the road now to get iphone 4s from an Apple store. I’ll be adding 3 more lines and transferring numbers to them. though, i’ve stopped at an att store and they stated that they couldn’t give the other line unlimited data. So, I guess i’ll have to do the loophole after the fact.

      4. I was able to get iphone 4s at the apple store. I was able to get the reset of my my family on my plan w/o unlimited data. Though, i was not able to b/c i did a phone order that didn’t complete and didn’t get canceled, so I’m having to wait for AT&T to fix that before i can upgrade and keep my unlimited plan.

    1. AT&T fixed that issue. Now I’m having to wait for them to fix my upgrade eligibility. What a nightmare this has been.

    2. finally got a chance to upgrade my line. I got a 32gb iphone 4 refurb on the way, and even online…it gave me the option for $30 unlimited plan.

    3. finally, have my iphone4 w/ unlimited data. Now i just need to do this for the rest of the lines.

  64. Worked perfectly for me, its been a week now on my iphone 4. I also deactivated the 3G on my Iphone, so I am on the Edge network (it shows an E instead of 3G) and I am paying $20 for unlimited data and 200 text. I was also able to get the unlimited for my wifes phone which is a 3G, and my brother’s iphone 4. I haven’t got any text or emails from ATT yet bumping me up to the $30 plan yet.

    1. Worked perfectly for me, its been a week now on my iphone 4. I also deactivated the 3G on my Iphone, so I am on the Edge network (it shows an E instead of 3G) and I am paying $20 for unlimited data and 200 text. I was also able to get the unlimited for my wifes phone which is a 3G, and my brother’s iphone 4. I haven’t got any text or emails from ATT yet bumping me up to the $30 plan yet.

      Oh men, that’s exactly what I want, but Manny says it can’t be done, he already tried that, even swapping simm card….
      How did you do that? through ATT store or Apple store?
      I have two iPhone 2g and ready to upgrade.

      1. this is what happened to me:
        I had a 2g sim with unlimted data on it.. i put it in my IPHONE 3gs.. 30minutes of use i got a notification saying i have been upgraded to a new iphone 3g plan. whether if you got caught 30 minutes later or 2 months later. you are best to keep this LEGIT as possible. Cause utlimately this blog was created for you to receive the unlimited data plan line. IS WHY WE ALL read this. and shared our experiences.

        I did the UPgrade through the att store. its was simple they HONORED my unlimted plan to my iphone 4 and 3gs line. Iphone 4 just to elt you know they take the micro sims. unless you know how to cut it .. then its cool. but like i said. KEEP THIS PROCESS legit as possible. cause we all are jsut trying to get through this loop hole to get the unlimted data plan.

  65. 4 Cube – I got a regular sim from ATT, they told me that they could no longer activate the 2g phones at the ATT stores, but gave me a sim with my number and told me to active it using Itunes. I activated the the phone, walked through the steps, which allowed sign up for the unlimited plus 200 text. I disabled the 3g network on my iphone 4 so it will only use the Edge network, if you use the 3g network, its $30. I cut the regular sim with a pair of scissors to fit the microsim slot on the iphone 4. Put it in the phone and it worked like a charm. I check my account on ATT website, and it still gives me the option to upgrade to 3g for $30 but I would lose the 200 text. I have wifi most of the time, so I don’t need the 3g speed. Hope this helps Cube.

  66. @Everyone
    Can any of you help me doing this? Im still looking for a 2G and I can’t find 1 (with a fair price) to start doing the process.
    Any help will be appreciated. I got a family plan, but not on contract, ready to upgrade.

  67. @unlimited &manny a few more questions..
    I would like to KEEP THIS PROCESS legit as possible, but same time I am afraid to make any mistake during this process. Since I don’t have iphone 4 yet and no ATT contract obviously first step for me is to buy iphone4.
    1/ is there any way I can buy iphone 4 at ATT or Apple store w/o signing up for new service/plan?
    and do the sign up over the internet through itunes?
    2/ if not, I guess my only option is to buy iphone 4 at full price from other places rather then ATT or Apple store. Am I right or not?
    3/ once I have iphone 4 the next step is move my 2g plan to new iphone 4. Is it enough to take
    my 2g sim make it micro-sims insert into iphone 4 and disable 3G? or do I need to go through new sim and 2g plan activation?

    1. You can sign up for a new plan and get the iphone 4 at a discounted price, with a data plan, when you do this, you will have an activated iphone 4 with a micro sim. They require you to have the minimum $15 data plan.

      Go back to the att store, take your 2G phone to att and ask for a REGULAR sim and transfer your phone line to the new sim so you can activate the phone at home using Itunes. Make a couple of calls and then check your att account online to make sure it shows you have unlimited data.

      Once you go thru the steps on itunes to activate the phone, take out the Regular sim, take a pair of scissors and cut the regular sim down to the size of a micro sim (make sure the dimensions are the same, otherwise you will have to repeat this process). Go to the options on the Iphone 4 and turn off the 3g capabilities, put in the sim. Make a phone call, then go to your att account online and it should give you the option to upgrade to 3G for $30 if you choose to do so.

      Hope this helps!

  68. @unlimited
    Thanks SOOO much!. Now everything makes perfect sense to me. Since I have original 2g I wasn’t in buying mode for awhile (you can tell), so I wasn’t sure about all “latest ATT screws ups”. My last visit to ATT store was quite shock for me since I’ve been told to get new iphone require not just pay for the new iphone but also new data plan plus messaging, all cost extra money, times two. On top of that my unlimited would change to limited plan (not I really need it, but still…)
    When ATT guy saw my face he just said, “yeah I know like ATT doesn’t make enough money of us”.
    I am in OC, my ATT coverage sucks here, many dropped calls, at home I have “No Service” and for all this I suppose to pay more!? It makes me sick, ATT greediness has no limit.
    On the other side I like iphone and the new one might have even better reception.
    I just hope this adventure is going to make my “suffering” less painful. Thanks again to all!

  69. What if I have a phone with the unlimited data but I want to switch to a iPhone 4. Will these steps still work?

  70. Does anyone know if this will work if you activate a new account with a non- apple phone, then use the 2g to get unlimited data then go back to the non-apple phone?

  71. Hi I am tired of posting to this site to all the questions I having been receiving since December 5 I have done 3 phones just like this. I did my last one yesterday afternoon and took less then 2 hrs to do.

    I won’t be commenting any more on on this blog I believe I have shared my experience well enough. U guys can read through my blog comments for any ques cause I think I answered many ques that u might ask me now.

    Take care to all and best of luck.

  72. Hey, I just got the new iPhone 4 and I am a new customer and I want the unlimited data plan. But I was wondering if I do this will I get to keep my current number?? Thanks

  73. I am a new AT&T customer and I would like to know two things:
    1. Will this work with an iPhone 3G and
    2. Once I switch over, will there be an option for unlimited messages (video and picture)?

  74. I’ve been meaning to do this for sometime now and finally got around to it today. Went to an iPhone repair dude and asked him if I could borrow a 2g he had for sale. Activated the 2g using my iPhone 4 microsim by placing it into a little some adaptor. Wne through the activation process and called AT&T to confirm. The rep talked to his manager and asked for the imei number on tbe 2g and said it was good to go on the unlimited plan. I immediately popped the microsim back into my iphone4 and bam suckers I have unlimited again. All I have to do now is go to AT&T or call them and have them update my iPhone4 imei. I read about this trick on another site as well but this blog had crucial info i can confirm an activated sim will work. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hello Ed, was your iPhone 2g jailbroken? Because I have one but is jailbroken, I wonder if it will still work to do this? Thank you

  75. I just did this today. I have a few things to note (about my area, at least):

    -I went to TWO AT&T stores and they both told me to go home and activate it. The second was a bit more helpful and handed me a new SIM card to activate at home. (I had no luck trying to activate my own from my 3GS, possibly due to the computer crashing at a very important step)

    -Tried activating it without calling AT&T and the SIM card didn’t activate… (A friend told me, “DUH!” lol)

    -Called AT&T and everything worked fine. I just told them my 3GS broke and I had to switch back to my 2g. (I did actually own the 2g before this and held on to it, Glad it came in handy!!!) However, I’m leery about switching back to my 3GS due to my AT&T app not saying unlimited (it still says it on my account on

    So, now i have questions if anyone is still answering them.

    1st- Do I have to call AT&T again when i switch back to my 3GS?

    2nd- If not, is there any chance it can reset it back to my old data plan without asking me?

    Thanks for any help, it is greatly appreciated!

  76. It sounds like you activated the 2G at the store. I’m not sure if they can give you the unlimited that way. As the article says in the beginning (read it again), there was a agreement with Apple for the unlimited data which needs activation thru iTunes.

    Activated the 2G thru iTunes, the only option is unlimited data with 200 text for $20 plus what ever minutes plan you pick or already have.

    Verify your unlimited data thru your online ATT account. It might take over-night to show or wait for the email from ATT stating that your activation is complete.

    When you decide to reactivate your 3GS or 4G, go to a ATT store to reactivate and tell them you want to keep your unlimited data, the rep should tell you it will be $30.

    Hope that makes sense now. Good luck.

  77. I have iP 2g w no contact. if I get iP4 w 2y contract is this “2g shuffle” gives me my no contact status back as well or not?

  78. Hello All, I am trying to get through this process as well. I am an AT&T business account owner though. When I try to activate the phone through replacing the phone option, or activating through company account, it will ask for itunes login information and confirming email and blah blah. But I do not get the option to select a rate plan at all. It goes directly to the submission of the activation request and if I press to submit, the phone will activate. If I activate, will the unlimited plan still get grandfathered into my account? Or am I at SOL at this point?

    Thanks guys!

  79. Never mind, called customer service and they did everything immediately for me. Now all I have to do is change over to iPhone4. Thanks guys!

    1. Hello everyone. I am offering a flat rate of 55 bucks. A guarantee of which I will offer u a unlimited plan with Att. Within 3 hrs. If u are interested please let me know.

      No need to go out and find a 2g phone and pay like 100 bucks. It’s all taken care of. And confirmed.

  80. So if I am signing up as a new customer with an iPhone 2G, do I have to sign a contract when I activate? Or am i just going month by month until I get the iPhone 4 upgrade?

  81. Here is what I did (on a iPhone4 now, 2 GB limit). Order a micro sim adaptor on ebay, ATT doesn’t stock them. Restore iPhone 2G to 3.1.3 firmware. Insert active iPhone 4 micro SIM with adaptor in iPhone 2G and open iTunes. Follow activation steps. Phone was activated immediately and I got a confirmation email within minutes. Checked ATT after 10 minutes and it showed a change in plan with unlimited data. I turned off 3G on the iPhone 4 and inserted the micro SIM back in. Toggled airplane mode and it found Edge service and was active. I let it sit overnight. Got a text in the night saying that “a data plan is required for iphone. we have added the appropriate plan and messaging.” (this is for 3G service since you are coming from the iPhone 2G). Turned on 3G and phone works fine. ATT site still says unlimited data (pro-rated from the night I switched).

    1. Hi, i did buy the adaptor, and my iPhone 2g it’s in firmware 3.3.1(jailbreak) and when I inserted the sim card the phone activated itself wasn’t able to go through the activation process in iTunes. Was your iPhone 2g jailbroken? Or do you have any suggestions? Thank you

    2. Hi I did buy the adaptor and my iPhone 2g it’s in firmware 3.3.1(jailbreak) and when I inserted the sim card the phone activated itself wasn’t able to go through the activation process in iTunes. Was your iPhone 2g jailbroken? Or do you have any suggestions? Thank you

  82. I don’t think it would work with a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 2G because it is doing what it is supposed to do. You need to restore it so its like a new iphone, and then go through the activation steps. @alex it has to be an iphone 2G, since that is the only iphone that included unlimited data as part of the plan. If you try a iphone 3G, it will give you the capped usage options.

  83. ok so I just went and ordered a 2g iphone waiting on it hopefully ill get it by friday next week and attempt this the same day. I have a question will it be easier to just go to AT&T and get them to do this instead of trying this on my own first? I am on a family plan (my moms) and already have an unlimited txting plan is the reason I am asking. thanks in advance guys. Im excited to get my unlimited data back.

  84. @Alex:
    Where did you find it? I have been searching for one on ebay, but most of them are broken or too expensive.

    1. I got it on Ebay for about $100 I am just going to sell it once I’m done with it so I figured why not.

  85. @Alex
    Then let me know, because Im thinking on doing the same.
    Yours has all the cables and works?
    Let me know.

  86. Hi Guys,
    I just activated my iphone 2g and I have log in to my at&t account and it says I have unlimited data plan. I have inserted my sim into my iphone 4 and have turned off 3g and will wait for text stating that my data plan has change just as “iphone4” user suggested. I will post with outcome.

  87. Hi Alex,
    I just logged in into my AT&T app with my iphone 4 and in the feature section it says I have the iphone Data Plan + 200 text, which includes unlimited data for internet and email, Visual Voicemail, and 200 messages. So I think it’s working =). I will wait till tomorrow to turned 3G back on again.

    1. OK sounds great, Did you go to the store and get a new sim so they could activate it for you or did you use your iphone 4 sim and just do the activation at home?

  88. I went to the store got a new micro sim and put it into the the iphone 2g with the micro sim adaptor and activated it at home. Just follow “iphone4” user instructions:

    iphone4 says: January 14, 2011 at 7:36 am

    Here is what I did (on a iPhone4 now, 2 GB limit). Order a micro sim adaptor on ebay, ATT doesn’t stock them. Restore iPhone 2G to 3.1.3 firmware. Insert active iPhone 4 micro SIM with adaptor in iPhone 2G and open iTunes. Follow activation steps. Phone was activated immediately and I got a confirmation email within minutes. Checked ATT after 10 minutes and it showed a change in plan with unlimited data. I turned off 3G on the iPhone 4 and inserted the micro SIM back in. Toggled airplane mode and it found Edge service and was active. I let it sit overnight. Got a text in the night saying that “a data plan is required for iphone. we have added the appropriate plan and messaging.” (this is for 3G service since you are coming from the iPhone 2G). Turned on 3G and phone works fine. ATT site still says unlimited data (pro-rated from the night I switched).

    1. ok great. gives me hope then. will be better if you get your txt saying you were moved up to the $30 data plan.

  89. Hi Guys,

    I just got a text from AT&T saying: “a data plan is required for iphone. we have added the appropriate plan and messaging.” My 3G it’s working and have log in into my account and it works. You guys should do this before it’s too late : )

  90. Hello everyone. I am offering a flat rate of 55 bucks. A guarantee of which I will offer u a unlimited plan with Att. Within 3 hrs. If u are interested please let me know.

    No need to go out and find a 2g phone and pay like 100 bucks. It’s all taken care of. And confirmed.

    1. intrested need way to contact you man , just so I know how and so I dont feel like im geting scamed you know man

  91. @galford. It’s not wierd. I have posted numerous times on the post. From dec 5 till like 30th. I am legit.

    And I am offering a service for all u who want unlimted data plan. It’s a complete gaurantee within 3 hrs. No need for anyone to look for a 2g phone. I have plenty.

  92. @Manny: did u mentioned that before?
    Got more questions, do you have gmail, so we can chat?

    1. @John
      The truth is that he wants the payment in full first before doing the work. I told him about paying half first and then the other half when the job was finished. He said not. Obviously we both are concern on this matter. You have to remember guys, there is a lot of scam running on the internet, been cautious doesn’t hurt.
      If anyone else try it and it works, then shared.
      Thanks in advance.

  93. Hey manny… how would you like to do the transaction, and would like to know more INFO… whats your gmail chat or aim chat name.. so we can continue this convo.

  94. Guys,
    Just get an iPhone 2G and do it yourself, it’s very easy to do, I did it two days ago. It’s better to do it yourself than taking the risk to get scam, I’m not saying this guy it’s a scam but I did it by myself in about 10 minutes.

    1. @Goku I have the same set up and when I go through the activation instructions, everything seems to work fine. But then I get a email saying activation cancelled. Idk why this is but ohwell, I’ll just go to the store later and get a new card and try again. Maybe it can’t be done with the same sim card anymore who knows but I’ll try again with a fresh inactivated sim and post the results. Hopefully I’ll have good news.

  95. @guku… i am doing this as a service i really don’t care for your opinion.. its a legitimate transaction and process.. nothing about it is illegal..


    @john. i care less for the negotiating part. My friend this is for all you who want there unlimited data plan . why pay the 25 bucks for 2gb when you can have unlimited for 30..

  96. HEY GUYS.. this Manny person did it within 3hrs. It was definitely a risk but i took it. on one hand its unlimted data or nothing at all. I figure i share my experience as a courtesy to him. And to all you haters i understand your concern. i totally felt your insecurity that it might be a scam.


    i thought i would have lost my money in you.

    i got my wifes line and my daughter line left to do..

    1. Its not that hard. I don’t think sending $55 dollars to someone is a good idea especially if they are not willing to take half a payment until the job is done. It’s only fair.

  97. @Galford Will be getting the iphone tomorrow. So ill give it a try then. Will let you know how it goes after its all said and done.

    1. @Alex: Thanks bro. Hopefully all will be good and great. Good luck. And remember, dont forget about me 🙂

  98. @alex just to square away the insecurities.. i will do one clients half now and half later… that person as a courtesy to me leaves a comment on this blog as Successful service.

    @John just to square away the insecurities.. i will do one clients half now and half later… that person as a courtesy to me leaves a comment on this blog as Successful service.

    @galford just to square away the insecurities.. i will do one clients half now and half later… that person as a courtesy to me leaves a comment on this blog as Successful service.

    1. I TOLD you exactly that in our conversation, that I’ll leave you a GOOD comment on this thread and you still said NO. So, why change your mind now?

  99. euh manny i just got the iphone with a 2gb data plan i really wanna get unlimited data on my iphone please contact me

  100. ok let’s see if i understand buy a iphone 2g and a iphone 2g sim card active my iphone 2g via itunes and select the plan unlimited data and 200 message wait the next day go to a att stores tell them that u wanna switch ur iphone 2g to the iphone 4 but u wanna keep ur unlimited data and they will switch the plan that u have on ur iphone 2g in ur iphone 4 with no problems ????????? could someone tell me if i m wrong thank u ????

    1. Anna this is exactly what I did and it worked for me, these are instructions from user “iphone4”:

      Here is what I did (on a iPhone4 now, 2 GB limit). Order a micro sim adaptor on ebay, ATT doesn’t stock them. Restore iPhone 2G to 3.1.3 firmware. Insert active iPhone 4 micro SIM with adaptor in iPhone 2G and open iTunes. Follow activation steps. Phone was activated immediately and I got a confirmation email within minutes. Checked ATT after 10 minutes and it showed a change in plan with unlimited data. I turned off 3G on the iPhone 4 and inserted the micro SIM back in. Toggled airplane mode and it found Edge service and was active. I let it sit overnight. Got a text in the night saying that “a data plan is required for iphone. we have added the appropriate plan and messaging.” (this is for 3G service since you are coming from the iPhone 2G). Turned on 3G and phone works fine. ATT site still says unlimited data (pro-rated from the night I switched).

    2. thats what it says in the previous posts, so yeah your not wrong, but give it some time, i reactivated my phone 2 days later just to be safe, and they didnt ask questions, they just reactivated it after i gave them my info and told them that i wanted to keep the plans as they were, and thats it, i got it all done and still have it

  101. @harley.. i don’t need the phone at all or you to purchase a 2g phone at all.. I am gonna change it in the system.. thats it.. even if you have a 2gb plan or 200meg plan or first time getting a UNLIMITED data plan.

  102. people, do the proccess yourself, i read everything that the original posters put on this blog and if you follow it to a T, you will get the results you are after, theres no need to pay someone to do it for you, especially if they have no proof that their services actually work, just saying, heck im posting this on my iphone 4 right now, and its on unlimited data, that i got 2 months ago

  103. @everyone

    tired of the discrimination… I was offering a honest service to all of you. Atleast i was able to do it for one person Phil. Besides that i own my own store and have plenty of clients. i heard this site from one of my other client so i advertised here. Anyways good luck. if you decide to change your mind you can follow through this blog and will find my contact info.

    Take care everyone.

    1. @Manny
      hey, just to let u know, Im NOT discriminating against you….I just posted what we talked about.
      Like I said before, one can never be too cautious. If it really is honest, thanks. But the way to conduct the negotiation is what give us doubt. Good luck to you too. And much sucess on your store.

  104. Got the phone in today. Gonna try it tonight. It’s already been restored so I just need to insert my sim and go through with the activation I’ll wait an hour then switch it backto my iPhone 4 and see what happens tomorrow morning.

  105. I just thought about this but when I downgrade to the $20 unlimited data 200 messages plan will I be charged overages on my txts because I have over 2000 txts as of now? ;(

    1. @Alex: dont know, but if it is prorated, then probably yes. But isn’t one of the original plan includes unlimited texts too?

      1. Well my mom has unlimited txts for the family wonder if that will keep me covered. Anybody know.

  106. I tried to activate over itunes and got the activation cancelled email :(. Called AT&T and they had to do it on their end. She put me on hold to get manager approval to get me the unlimited. So if you do it and get the activation cancelled email just call and they can do it that way. I am now on the 2g unlimited data plan. will probably roll with it for a day or two and then switch my SIM back to my iphone 4.

    1. Just checked my account I am on the 3g Unlimited Data Plan 🙂 already I guess they had to choose that because I already had the unlimited txt from the family plan. Guess I’m all set guys. Feels good to be unrestricted again.

      1. Hi Alex,

        Been trying to get an iphone 2g without success 🙁 Would it be a problem if you shared the IMEI for the iphone 2g you used so that I can try to use it to get my unlimited data back?

  107. ok so i was a previous verizon customer who had unlimited data and switching to att with the iphone i was not able to get the luxury of getting unlimited data to my phone so i thought id give this a shot. now im on a family plan with 750 shared minutes and 200mb data plan with unlimited text. so i gave this a shot last night and today. To my surprise it still works. i received a text from att saying that they have created a data package for me and now i have unlimited data. with a small struggle i finally just called att and they activated it for me. but tomorrow morning i am heading to an att store for them to sim swap so that i will be able to grandfather the unlimited data to my iphone 4. thank you for this article! and now off to say hello to matthew =]

  108. I work for an AT&T reseller and I know of an easier and much quicker way to get the iPhone unlimited data plan back without having to even own an iPhone 2g. Really, all you need is the IMEI number for an iPhone 2g. Call AT&T customer care and tell them you want to switch to this device. They will have to update your account and switch your data plan over to the $20 unlimited. Then wait 5 minutes and go online to access your account and verify you have the unlimited data plan. Then call customer care back again and tell them you want to switch your phone and keep the unlimited data plan, this time giving them the IMEI of your device you actually want to use. BAM! It’s instantly done and you don’t even have to fumble around with even powering on the old iPhone 2g. The iPhone 2g doesn’t even have to work, you just need the phone’s serial number to update the account, add the unlimited data, then switch back to your device.

    1. Yeah. This would probably work. All I wa asked for was the serial number then imei and it was done.

  109. Oh, I forgot to mention that there is no need to swap SIM cards. You can keep the same SIM card you have in your current phone now. Just swap the IMEI to the iPhone 2g, wait a few minutes, then call back and swap back to your current phone’s IMEI. Hope this helps everyone who wants an unlimited data plan back and doesn’t want to have to pay someone else to do it for them.

  110. What if the 2g is currently being used by someone else? Can you still call with that IMEI and it still work?

  111. Do I need to get an IMEI number from a current phone ( I have the I 4 ) or a 2g and just what is the process to make the switch? can I use a ffriends phone which is a 2g?

  112. Are all 2g’s that have been restored ios 3.1.3? Trying to buy one but the guy is not sure what ios is on it. He factory restored it and doesn’t have AT&T anymore, so how does he verify what ios is currently on it?

  113. Anthony, that’s a good question. In theory, I think it’s possible to have the same IMEI on two phone lines at the same time, but I don’t really know for sure. Technically the IMEI just tells them what model phone you have so they add the correct plan features for your phone. The only way to find out is to try.

  114. Harley, you need to get the IMEI number for an iPhone 2g. The process to make the switch is calling 1-800-331-0500 and tell the representative you are switching phones. They will ask for your new phones IMEI number. Give them the IMEI number of the iPhone 2g (it doesn’t really matter if you have the iPhone 2g with you or if it even works, you just need to add the iPhone 2g to your account in order to add the $20 iphone 2g unlimited data plan to your account). Then wait 5 minutes until the rep is out of your account and call the same number back. Again, tell the representative you are switching phones, but this time give them the IMEI number of the phone you are actually going to use (so if your gonna use an iPhone 4 give them the IMEI for the iPhone 4, if your gonna use a Captivate give them the IMEI number for the Captivate, you get the idea). HOWEVER, now that you have an unlimited smart phone data plan already on your account you are considered grandfathered in and can simply upgrade to the $30 unlimited 3G smartphone data plan.

    1. Idk if it’ll really work cause when I needed to switch iPhones after giving my imie to the rep. They make a test call idk if it’s to see if you have the actual phone or if it’s to see if they actually completed the process but that might pose a problem to those who don’t have physically have the 2g

  115. Anthony, if your goal in purchasing the iPhone 2g is to attempt to get unlimited data back then it doesn’t matter what iOS is on the iPhone 2g. This is because it is not necessary to power on the iPhone 2g to get the unlimited data plan. Simply call AT&T over the phone and they can add the phone and unlimited data plan to your account with just the IMEI number.

  116. @Charlie. Ya I hear you on the just needed IMEI #. But here’s my dilemma. I don’t have an Iphone at all yet. I am due for an upgrade, but with the Iphone 5 due in approx 5 months I don’t want to use my upgrade for 4 just yet. Rather wait for the 5. So, I figure if I can get a 2g, I can just use that for about 5 months untill the new one comes out and then make the switch.

    Unless, if I use the IMEI to get the 2g working, then call and use a IMEI for a 4g but then put my SImcard back into my non-smartphone, will my smartphone plan remain? That’s fine if they charge me for a smart phone for the next few months even tho I don’t have one as long as when I do upgrade I still have the unlimited plan.

  117. HI everyone… i am just updating my service of the unlimted data… it is still 55 bucks to all of you. its gurantee and it is done within 30 minutes.. You can rest assure that within that time you will get a msg on your phone saying that your account has been updated to the unlimited data plan..

    I have done it FOR 2 Gentlemen already on this BLOG. 1. PHIL and the other 2. Galford. you can msg or email them as they shared there info on this blog on how there experience was…

    I simply delivered it to them.. you can pay half now and the other half later if you like. NO PROBLEM. Just to assure you that it gets DONE.

    1. Hi Manny,

      Sent you an invite to gtalk. I’m interested in getting the unlimited data plan. Go ahead and accept so we can start.

      1. Sorry man I’m not that Manny. But I’m getting my 2g fixed this week. If your in the ny or nj area you can use mine once it’s fixed.

    2. i wish to apologize for my comments before, if your willing to help, then by all means, what can i say? anyway, it sounds good, i might have someone who could use your services, i can contact you with the gmail account from previous posts right?

    3. Thx again manny and for anyone doubting this service. It is legit it’s no scam had him do 2 iPhones for me and it works tremendously. If anyone wants to contact me about this my email is Thx again Manny. I love u man. No homo 🙂

    4. Thx again manny and for anyone doubting his service it is legit no scam involved if curious give him a try it works tremendously. Thx again manny if anyone wants to contact me about his service my email is

    5. Manny, please contact me direct, I tried to set up aim and contact you and it I guess it didn’t go through. I would like to speak direct to you. Could you please email me direct or email a telephone number that I can get back to you so we can complete transaction?

  118. @Anthony i bought an iphone 2g that is in really good shape off of ebay for 89 dollars shipped. No scratches on the screen and the back housing was in great shape. I used a website called auctionsniper to snipe the bid at the last minute.

  119. @Eric @Anthony

    I would have done both your lines for 55 bucks. Instead of purchasing a iPhone. And if u had a second line it would have been half off.

    Pay half first and second Half upon completion of the unlimited feature to the account

    Contact me at : itzmmirza – gtalk
    Itzmansoor -aim
    Bigg5102 – msn

  120. Well for 55 Bucks all i have an unlimited data account, for the 90 i spent i have a spare iphone plus i can do my phone and my wifes phone….so ya unless you lower that price to about 20 bucks for each line or 30 at the most. it would not be worth it for me.

  121. @eric… Hello Friend. Ill part with 35 bucks a line.. mainly cause there are fees from paypal.. but you need to get done both lines though.. its why i am offering this price. if its only one line its 55 bucks and the 4 bucks compensates for paypal fees so i am left with 50 bucks. . If you are ready ill do it right now.. contact me via the info i provided above your comment. Then ill give you my mobile number..

    1. @manny, you say you work for AT&T. Anyway you can send the imie for factory unlock via iTunes? Is so how much.

  122. Well as of right now i am in Italy and wont be home for a week or so. And i am still yet to try out the hack that i already invested in the iphone. So i will keep your info and if i need to pay for this hack i will hit you up. Ciao.

  123. @Manny, if I don’t even have an Iphone, can you get me the unlimited data plan for Iphones. I am just waiting for the Iphone5 to come out to use up my upgrade. Basically if you change it for me, will AT&T revert it back to a regular plan because I don’t have an Iphone? I don’t mind paying the extra $30 a month for the plan until the 5 comes out as long as I can have the unlimited plan once I do upgrade.

  124. @Anthony it’s no problem u can do it now. And once u get the iPhone 5 it will automatically carry over. Ill leave notes on the account for u. Don’t worry.

  125. @Manny, cool. I’ll be contacting you. Thanks about the note things, but does anyone know if the account reverts back automatically if its not connected to an iphone anymore (say there was no note in the system).Or do you have to call in and cancel that data plan?

  126. I have an iPhone 2g I want to sell in great condition I’m letting go for $108 plus shipping say $5

  127. @Alex

    Don’t pay 108 dollars for it. When I am offering it for half that price.

    I have already done 3 members from this site. U can talk to them about there experience ex. Phil , galford.

    It’s secure and fast. 30 minutes is all I need.

    1. Manny, I am interested in your service but I have a few questions about it (I apologize, I’m showing up to the party late here lol)
      Ive only had my AT&T account since October, 2010. So if my account were grandfathered into the unlimited data, would AT&T ever catch wise that I somehow acquired unlim. data long after they ended it and claim anything like a breach of their TOS? also, I assume since my account would be grandfathered, I wouldn’t ever lose the unlim. data unless I chose to, correct?

  128. @kevin.. it what we are doing is nothing to be caught about …. it is a legitimate service. once i make the change nothing will happen except you will have the unlimited data plan. and you will automatically be grandfathered in.

    @manny for you blackberry issue. it depends on which phone you want to use????? i just did it for a person on a sony ericsson. and he paid for the data plan while using the sony ericsson. until 5 days later he got the iphone 4 and he got unlimited transfered onto that device. They will honor it once you have the unlimited data. i had another user who owned a blackberry data plan. i got him the unlimited for blackberry and the unlimited switched over to the iphone 4 unlimited when purchased the iphone 4. so it can still be done.

    PLease contact back if you are serious on doing it. I have plenty of clients you have been doing this. you guys have my GTALK, MSN, AIM contact info. or you can find it couple of comments above these.

    1. ok i understand now, but i have a couple more questions. i’ve added you on google talk, so ill try to catch you on there.

  129. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that AT&T is letting customers switch back to unlimited if you were on the plan before june 2010, even if you switched back to the new plans. This is a move to keep customers from Verizon.

    In my case, new contract, I’m screwed still, but I thought it might help some of you trying to switch back!

  130. Hey there,

    As a general message, I wanted to let you guys know that I did get in contact with Manny regarding the unlimited data switch, but I did not go through with it. He actually needed my social security number to make that switch and, although I understand that this is probably needed to access my account, I didn’t feel comfortable just handing that out like that.

    I just wanted to let other users know, in case you were thinking about it.

    @Manny – Definitely not saying you’re not legit or anything like that. Just sharing my personal experience. In the end, it’s really up to you if you wanna hand out your personal information or not.

    Good luck to all and here’s to hoping AT&T starts giving back unlimited data to all users!

  131. @darkprunz

    I can understand ur concern. Best of luck with everything.

    And to everyone else I have successfulLy done 5 five people of this line. Some clients with two lines.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  132. DarkPunz, I’m pretty sure if you just called AT&T and added a passcode to your account you could give that to Manny instead of your SSN. Manny is just calling AT&T and to do so they require you to verify the account with the SSN. However, if your account has a passcode on it they use that instead of your SSN to verify the account. This way you could still pay Manny to add the unlimited data plan that you could easily do yourself and she won’t know your SSN. Why don’t you just ask her about using a passcode instead?

  133. I asked Manny for this deal that SHE posted and was told it’s 113 for lines and no discounts. I passed.

    ” Ill part with 35 bucks a line.. mainly cause there are fees from paypal.. but you need to get done both lines though.. its why i am offering this price. if its only one line its 55 bucks and the 4 bucks compensates for paypal fees so i am left with 50 bucks. . If you are ready ill do it right now.. contact me via the info i provided above your comment. Then ill give you my mobile number. “

  134. @everyone…

    3 lines done 1 more to GO!!! i would like to thank everyone who cooperated through this process!!!! especially you RANDY.

    @John that was my introductory offer to that gentlemen.. i have plenty clients who are offering just as much. you think about that email i sent you last.. if you are still interested… IF NOT BEST OF LUCK.. all my clients part away in 30 minutes with there unlimited data..

    All my clients part away in 30 minutes with there unlimited data..

    THANK YOU EVERYONE for the honor and TRUST!!!

  135. I dont have iemi numbers. I access your account and modify it so u have the unlimited data plan. Much safer and faster way.

  136. @DarkPunz

    Hey what you said about att letting people back on unlimited if you were on it prior to june 2010…is this legit??

  137. could someone could give me more imformation about using the IMEI of an iphone 2g to get the unlimited data plan back is it really working???? please people answer me PLEASE

  138. im leaving this comment as a courtesy to Manny. I was very skeptical at first like everyone. however, i eventually said screw it and took the risk. Manny was very professional and took care of the unlimited data within about an hour. it cost $58 altogether to cover any fees. You don’t have to give him your last 4 of your social if you call ATT and set up a numeric passcode, which he uses in place of your social. otherwise all he requires is your name, online account password and phone number. he even provides his phone number if you have any questions and replies to texts and emails quickly. so, in short, this isn’t some scammer or some guy in another country scamming you for money or anything, he is a legit person from NJ (at least thats where the number he provides is out of) who set me up with unlimited data for my iphone. if you want, you can email me at “kgbartechko@gmail” and i’ll vouch for him, otherwise you can take him up on his offer. thanks manny.

    1. Kevin,
      I am trying to get in touch with Manny, I tried setting up aim and guess it didn’t work, I am going to email you, please accept and forward to me how I can get intouch with Manny.

  139. Hi All,

    I’m glad to see Manny was able to help out various people in here. As for my situation, I decided to take matter into my own hands and I just got unlimited data on my account as of last night 🙂

    Here’s what I did (You’re welcome to try it out):

    First I asked if they could put unlimited data into my account. Reply was “sorry sir but it’s not in our system anymore and there’s no way we can switch it”.

    At this point, very politely, I reminded them of the fact that I have a 30-day return policy on my iphone and if they couldn’t give me unlimited data, I would return it and close my account and switch right off to Verizon cause they were offering.
    Right after this, the representative said she would put me on hold while she talked to the manager.
    After holding for a good 5 minutes, she came back saying “yeah unfortunately we cannot do that, I’m really sorry”.

    So I said “Alright, then you guys are forcing me to close the…” – before I could finish the sentence, she said “alright, sir, hold on one moment. I was put on hold once again for another couple of minutes. She comes back on the line saying “Ok sir, we went ahead and put you on the unlimited data plan. Anything else I can help you with?”

    So that’s how I was able to do it. I would DEF give this a try by actually threatening to jump ship. AT&T seems terrified about losing customers to Verizon so use that card as much as you can!

    Ain’t competition grand! Good luck everyone.

    1. I just got off the phone with AT&T and they gave the me the amount to get out of the contract.

    2. I disagree. I did this politely 4 times and even after an escalation AT&T refused to change the plan. I even explained I would cancel my account and take my wife, daughter, and brother-in-law with me to Verizon. I also explained that we would drop our U-verse service as well. At&T would rather lose $350.00 a month than reinstate my data plan.

      If the 2G iPhone doesn’t work when I receive it in the next couple of days I am l (and my family) are leaving AT&T for good.

      I just don’t understand the business decision to lose us as customers ($4200 a year) but I have never understood AT&T decision-making process. Maybe they are improving their network through attrition. 😉

      1. Hi George i can still offer you UNLIMITED… If you are interested call me . ill take you up on your generous offer and do it for you within 20 minutes guranteed.. thats if you didn’t jump ship yet…

        732 927 1746
        gtalk: itzmmirza
        aim: itzmansoor

  140. @kevin

    Thank you guys for all ur positive responses. Glad I was able to help. Any future concerns pls let me know.

    @Harley I’ll do it for u within 30 minutes. Guaranteed. U can log on to ur account and see the changes instantously

    1. Hey Manny, let me get with the wife and maybe have you do it tommorrow. I’ll try to aim you and set it up.

  141. @everyone all my followers

    I want to say thank you for having trust in me.

    And to all the news one starting today it’s a flat rate of 65. Which already includes paypal fees

    I can’t thank enough to everyone who cooperated with me through all this.

  142. I also wanted to let everyone know, manny will answer any questions you have and take care of any concerns. Very professional (believe me I had about a thousand questions lol). Anyone can email me with any questions about the process. Thanks again manny

  143. Hi manny i have an iphone 2g but when i restore it and it pops up in itunes there is no activation process it just wants to add music and apps please help.

    1. Just call and get it done over the phone. It’s fast and easy. Only took me 15 min. To do mine that way.

  144. @brett. cause the system won’t allow it. it needs to be done manually BRETT.

    @harley i added you and msged you i got no RESPONSE.

    @EVERYONE. once again. : THANKS VERY MUCH for your cooperation and patience through this. And have trusted me with your FUNDS.. Best of LUCK WITH EVERYTHING.. My Set and PERMANENT rate is 65 to all my new clients. this will include my paypal fee. at the END i will only get 60 anyways. Nothing has changed except for 5 dollar increase. i hope you all consider it cause it really takes time modifying the system.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME.


    —-Contact info—
    Call or SMS : 732 927 1746
    aim: itzmansoor
    Gtalk: itzmmirza

  145. Hi, when you activate the iPhone 2g, does this get rid of your unlimited SMS, and minutes? Or what?

  146. Manny, pls add me NitrusTheCracker:AIM. I have been trying to reach you… I have a couple of questions for you.

  147. I called cs and they were unable to activate my 2g. The rep and the manager couldn’t get the $20 unlimited data added to the account. The system wouldn’t let them. They had to fill a service ticket to try and get it added. Did I do something wrong?

  148. Ok, i can verify that this above method works!!!! I did this with 2 different iphone 3G[S]. I activated the 2G with my already activated 3gs sim card through itunes, popped it back in my 3gs got a text message, went online and it says i have the unlimited plan for 30 bucks a month. And i just opened my AT&T account last week. So this method still works great thanks iPhone Download Blog!

  149. euh i just called att customer service and they said to activate the iphone 2g over the phone i have to give then the imei number and buy a iphone 2g sim card and give them the 20 digit number on the sim card

  150. @Alex
    Let me know if u still gpt the phone to buy it from u as we agreed before.

  151. Guys a question, I got a new micro sim and activated and the activation still gets cancelled. When you activate with the new sim do you wait for the activation to complete on the 2g before swapping back or immediately throw it back into your iPhone 4?

  152. Well what can I say??? Manny you are the man!!! I had my doubts at first but you came thru with everything you promised!! I’m a real sceptic when it comes to the internet but you eased my mind. Each and every time I texted or called you, you promptly replied back…. I can’t thank you enough. GREAT JOB!!!! Can’t wait to get the next phone done thru your service. Thanks again!! As for anyone reading this, Manny is the real deal. He does what he says he’ll do and very proffessionally I might add. Have NO doubt in his ability or his service!!!!!! Thanks again Manny for a job well done…. Ken & Cindy.

    1. Hello Everyone, This is Cindy, (Ken’s Wife) let me tell Manny rocks!!!!! He is polite, and has the patience well beyound anyone I ever spoke with. I am new to this techno stuff, I don’t know a darn thing about technology, other than how to type on a computer and brief texting skills. Manny put kid gloves on and lead me through the entire process as if he was a father teaching his little girl to ride a bike. He kept me and my husband informed daily of progress, by direct contact. At no time did I ever feel I was alone or ripped off. Manny’s word is solid. At no time after the initial should I contact him or should I not, did I ever feel that his word was not truth. He is on our side folks, he is here to help you. Jump out of the boat and believe in his ability, knowledge and professional ethics and he will build your confidence in him. Do not doubt his words or nature. He is true. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  153. @Cindy


    I would like to thank the both of u for your patientence along this process and for having trust in me.

    1. @ Manny the one with the service. If I were to buy a new iPhone 4 in a month and assuming the process still works. $55 to get unlimited on both. And how long do you think I should wait upon buying the new phone? Do it right away or wait a couple days?

    2. I need your help…. Please! I just cant find my way around the i tunes page to do the process please help..Shawna ;0)

  154. @Anthony you can but I believe that the 2G iphone will not work for the other person because it is associated with your account. atleast untill he calls and gets it associated back to his.

  155. @EVERYONE. once again. : THANKS VERY MUCH for your cooperation and patience through this. And have trusted me with your FUNDS.. Best of LUCK WITH EVERYTHING.. My Set and PERMANENT rate is 70 to all my new clients. this will include my paypal fee. at the END i will only get 60 anyways. Nothing has changed except for 5 dollar increase. i hope you all consider it cause it really takes time modifying the system.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME.


    —-Contact info—
    Call or SMS : 732 927 1746
    aim: itzmansoor
    Gtalk: itzmmirza

    1. @Manny your rate just seems to slowly be going up. What was it when you first started $55? Cmon it’s obvious that you are starting to take advantage of people.

  156. @alex.. i work for att. and the system that authorizes us to to flip the switch for the unlimited is changed.. its NO LONGER that easy anymore.. you can call your self and verify that. i am legitimate and my process is strictly professional. I personally sit down and file the case and follow up with the team every step of the way to get that added on. and i allow all my clients to follow up with me and i update them every step of the way…

    its just reasonable my friend….

    1. It’s still a fair price when you consider the possibility of having to buy a used phone from ebay, if you can do it yourself then whats the problem? Manny has done my wife’s phone and currently doing mine, He does all the leg work and keeps me updated all the way. I suppose if I had a 2g llaying around I could have done it myself BUT I don’t. So I consider his service justified and worth every penny. Ken

  157. 70 dollar now that shit keep going up lolll the price was 55 dollar last month he added 10 dollar more 65 dollar and this month he added 5 bucks more 70 dollar lollll keep going up and about next month how much u gonna add??? Loll whatever i have to tell u guys that if u wanna have unlimited data plan on ur phone u don’t need to spend 70 bucks for that.listen to me guys u just have to buy a iphobe 2g sim card for 25 dollar and get the imei number of an iphone 2g u coulf get a imei iphone 2g number on ebay for free call att customer service tell then that u re switching ur phone for an iphone 2g the will ask for the iphone 2g imei number and the iphone 2g sim card number the process will take u onlyc 30 minutes the will do it over the phone for u and. U will have unlimited data plan after that u call them back an tell them that u are switching the plan that u have on ur iphone 2g to ur new phone and they will do it over the phone for u very easy and simple i did it for my sister and my mom and for my self and we now have inlimited data plan u dont need to spend 70 dollar for that guys lolll ok

  158. @Manny nothing against what your doing, but upping the price is highway robbery. Whats it gonna be next week? 75? Week after that 80? then 85? Come on!

    @everyone following this blog. I bought a used iPhone 2g off of ebay for 90 Bucks shipped. I already had 2 iPhone 3g[s] in my possession no contract. On January 28, 2011 i activated a brand new account with AT&T. When i got home i swapped my sim card into the iPhone 2G and activated it through itunes flawlessly. Took the sim card out of the 2G and put it back in the iphone 3gs and received a text message and emails saying that an appropriate data plan has been added. I then got on and checked my account and verified that it was unlimited. IT WAS. you do not need to pay 70 dollars just borrow a friends 2g and activate an already activated sim card and you will be good to go. Did the exact same thing with my wifes sim card and now we both have unlimited data for 30 bucks a month. Grandfathered in. Any questions please feel free to ask me. Ciao.

  159. @BRAD\

    It no longer take 30 minutes our policy changed this january 28th. the option for managers don’t exist on the screen and its a whole different ball game.

    Anyways good luck to all of you.

    i don’t require full payment anyways.. HALF NOW HALF later upon completion. Based on trust.

  160. people, simple choices, pay manny to get the service quick and easy, or do it yourself, just choose one, whichever is easiest for you, either one is excellent

  161. I just tried to do this and it didn’t work, they said after January the 28th the systems changed so they have to file a case. Which takes a week to a week an a half

  162. @junior are u talking about the method above? Because I activated my 2g on FEB 4th so your wrong it still works. Never even had to talk to AT&T did it all myself with no problem.

  163. @Eric
    Yeah the method above I tried to do it but it didn’t work yeah I was able to pick the $20 unlimited plan when I activated the phone but it never showed on my account saying that I had an unlimited plan

  164. @junior did you surf any data or make a phone call or send a text message? And my 2g was not jailbroken indent know if that had anything to do with it or not.

  165. I’m considering getting an iphone 2g and trying this. Has anyone tried it recently / does anyone know if the plan for unlimited for $20 a month still exists? Any info would be apprecaited. Thanks

  166. @Eric
    When you did the loophole, did u already have a data plan on your account? And how long did it take for the data plan to show on your account?

  167. @ Kev
    Nevermind it does work! I did it 6 days ago it took a while but finally today it showed that I had the unlimited plan.

  168. I am going to give it a try. As of now AT&T refused to help me even after escalation. Even if the iPhone 2G loophole doesn’t work I will still keep the 2G phone and sell my 3GS for a profit and finally reduce my plan to the 200MB (last resort). Once my contract ends….who knows….

  169. @Joe Edwards. It will work. Unless they closed the hole in the last 10 days (when i did mine) which i doubt since this thread has been opened since october and it still works. Please let us know the results, make sure you use a Non-jailbroken iphone 2g.

  170. Maybe someone will know how to fix this… I have a 3GS and I I’d this trick in December and can’t get my mms to work now. I’ve called AT&T and they have my current imei number and everything else looks good in the system, I just updated to the latest iOS and reset all settings on my phone and it still doesn’t work… Any ideas?

  171. Need some help… I have a 3GS and I did this trick in December and can’t get my mms to work now. I’ve called AT&T and they have my current imei number and everything else looks good in the system, I just updated to the latest iOS and reset all settings on my phone and it still doesn’t work… Any ideas?

    1. HEY @ Thejinxed!!

      HEY i did the trick and had same damn issue!!! but problem is they didn’t even change my unlimited for some reason just didn’t work. tell me how you did yours step by step

      but you gotta go to at&t store and get new sim card! for 3gs and it work fine as soon as they get it reg. it’s some sim issue that happens nothing will work unless you go to at&t store and get new sim your imei number is reg 2 to phones or something weird happened to me and when i got new sim mms worked!! just no unlimited bc idk what happ so i wanna know how u got that 2 work

  172. Hi i have an original iphone 2g ad i got a new sim card from the att store. When i plug it into itunes all that comes up is to sync apps and music. How do i get the screen up to add the data plan and messaging plan.

  173. I have the $10 unlimited family data will I be able to keep that unlimited data plan if I put my sim into an iphone 2g??

  174. I tried today! and didn’t not work after a few min of trying to get my micro sim into the exact place where it will read i activated it iphone 2g with micro sim from iphone 4 and went through full process. after it was done i went on at&t and still 2gb limit so hey guess they closed it 🙁 or i did something wrong ill try again lol!!

    please get back to me!!! ill be following this post

  175. It did not work for me that way either. I had to call customer service and they had to do it manually.

  176. How am i suppose to call them?? like and say what?? i’m debating on if i should wait and see if it change in few days!

  177. @everyone

    sorry everyone..i am no LONGER OFFERING THE SERVICE at this time… I will notify upon my return. In the mean time BEST OF LUCK.

  178. @ alex n ricardo

    What I did is, I went to an att store and told them I lost my iPhone 4 so I needed a new regular sim card since i was going to use my old iPhone 2g, after that I went home and restored my iPhone 2g and when it said to insert a sim card I put the new one I got from the att store. After that it let me pick the 20 unlimited plan so I did but it wasnt showing on my account so I called att to let them know, and I told them that it wasn’t letting me activate my iPhone 2g with out the proper data plan even though i had one of the other data plans and then one of the reps told me that it wasn’t possible to get it back but a different rep had told me since it was a 2g phone I had to file a case to allow me to get my unlimited data for 20 since there was no 3G, so I lied about my phone not being able to surf the web without the 20 plan and told them it needed the 20 unlimited, so then they filed the case and it took about 5 to 6 days and then I finally had my unlimited data. It was a long struggle! But worth it to get unlimited back, it took me a while to get it bak so maybe you just have to wait a few days like I did. And after you switch back to your iPhone 4 go to a att store and tell them you wanna switch phones but that you wanna keep the same data plan to grandfather you in.

  179. They could have made the process harder since I did it back in January. I just told them I had broken my iphone 4 and I had my old 2g as a fall back then they just switched my IMEI to the old 2g one and boom it was done just like that didn’t have to wait at all.

  180. At everyone Knocking on manny for the price, it is a service. He is simy advertising that you don’t need to buy an iPhone 2g just to do this trick and that you can do it using him. His price goes up ok, but think about it. He is risking his job do to so, us supply and demand helps to lol. If I didn’t already have an iPhone 2g. I would’ve definitely used him. I even come across his craigslist posts as I live in NJ aswell in which he offers to do it in person every now and again. Bottom line is, do what you wish. But don’t complain over a price when you have other options of getting what you want done.

  181. @everyone

    Thank you to all for defending my service.. I will not be offering it anytime soon. But for all of my previous clients thanks for having trust in me with your information as i did with your payments. Have a blessed year

    I will be unsubscribing to this BLOG.

    Take care and Best of Luck

  182. I am just curious if this has just become harder to do or not able to do at all.
    Manny if you are still available, maybe you can answer it.

  183. Hey everyone. I have an iPhone 3GS that is on the tiered 2gb data plan, but I would love to have unlimited data instead. Seeing as though my iPhone doesn’t use a microSIM card, can I just use my regular iPhone 3GS sim card and throw it into the iPhone 2G? Or do I need to buy a new unactivated iPhone SIM card, and if so does that mean I will lose my phone number?

    Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

  184. @Mitchell i used my activated 3GS sim card so it does not have to be brand new or unactivated. Just pop it in your 2G use it for a little bit like an hour and send some texts, surf the web, make a phone call…and switch it back….Those things are not required but might help. But thats it…

    1. Thats Great! Thanks so much for you help! Hope it still works. Did you do this recently?

  185. Ok will do. And just to make sure that i understand you correctly, when I put the my 3GS SIM Card into the iPhone 2G I don’t have to connect it to itunes or anything? Instead, I can just use it for a while on the iPhone 2g and then throw it back into the 3GS and it should show that have unlimited data? Is that correct?

  186. I have unlimited data and talk minutes… and don’t pay for it either. It’s easy to hack into other cellphone networks…. lulz

    1. @Big_Games says

      how do we do that? can you give some details and pointers? perhaps where to find details?

  187. @mike

    its is tough extremely tough. but its DOABLE… it takes patience… i wrapped up a client yesterday after 5 days.

  188. @eric

    what day exactly you last attempted this and it worked? cause i know exactly what day our policy changed for this…

  189. @Eric
    I will have my 2G phone tomorrow. I will try and see if this still works. If not, my entire family is ready to jump ship to Verizon this weekend. AT&T really seems like they don’t care if they lose customers. They will lose about $350 a month from my family. An AT&T manager told me they “don’t care” and then hung up on me. I just sat for 5 mins in shock at the stupidity and rudeness. !!!!!

    1. @Eric
      That is ridiculous, one thing I cannot stand is to be hung up on.
      I have been involved in a call with a customer that was very upset and by the time the call ended we were laughing about the situation. It is all about how you handle the conversation. But there is never a need to hang up unless abuse is taking place and that just requires a warning.

      Thanks for the information.

  190. @Eric

    Yes it does still work, but it doesn’t take one day. Stop misleading people. Takes about a week. Att changed there system, so the reps are not able to change that feature right then and there. They have to file a case(takes about week).


    The 2g method does still work I did it a week ago. And AT&T just sent me a txt message “Your issue has been resolved[…]”.

    This is how I did it: I borrowed my buddys inactivated 2G iPhone. I called AT&T customer service #. I told them I had broken my iPhone 3GS and that I was trying to active my old phone(iPhone 2g). I gave them the IMEI # and he asked me if I was using the same sim card I said YES(keep in mind the first time I called a lady told me this was not possible that i needed 2g sim card LIE!!!, try again w/ a different rep if this happens). After that he told me that I wasn’t gonna have any data for awhile sence they did no longer offer the $20 unlimited data plan. He told me he was gonna file a case and that it should be added to my plan in about a week. I said “no problem bra!”. He said “ok your all set…your 2g iPhone should be activated”. So I checked the 2g but it didn’t work but I told him “cool thnx it looks like its working fine” (I didnt care he had already filed the case). I stuck my sim card back in my iPhone 3G and a week later(today) I got a txt. They had added unlimited data to my phone YAY!!!

    I hope my experience helps.

    1. Now i tried this i activated my iphone 2g with my micro iphone 4 sim on itunes!.. it worked but i checked my plan nothing. then i put my micro sim back into my iphone 4 and it worked fin but NO MMS so i had to go and get a new sim from at&t few days ago.. im thinking about trying agian need to know how to do it though…. can you tell me how i would do it in my situation??

      and question do you have MMS does it let you send them?

    2. I wish I could get my hands on an iPhone 2g to do this. Can I borrow your friends lol?

  191. @Josho I am not misleading anybody, I did not have to talk to AT&T it took a few days for it to show on my account but I register the text messages and emails the same day. So just because your expierience was different does not make me a liar or misleading.

    1. @Josho

      I can second that….it worked for me the exact way that Eric mentioned. I did have a little trouble with MMS for the first few hours but as soon as the the Data Plan was adjusted for a 3G device it started to work again. we have to keep in mind there can always be a little variation depending on AT&T load too… what I would really like to know is how the first bill turns out with all the prorating that is triggerd from the data plan change. can anyone with us if their first bill was much higher because of the prorating????

  192. @ Eric

    I apologize for my statement. I tried activating the 2g threw iTunes but as soon as I got to the “gathering customer information” step, it wouldn’t continue on to the next. And that’s the reason why I had to call. But I guess it was just my computer.

  193. I don’t know about anybody else, but I was able to:
    1. switch SIM cards from my 3GS iPhone
    2. activate the 2G phone,
    3. confirm that the data plan did not change automatically
    4. call AT&T and politely ask they fix the data plan to the iPhone Data with 200 texts

    ALL within about 45 minutes!!!

    I was on the phone for maybe 25 minutes. A manager (in the background) changed the data plans with no questions asked other than asking for my IMEI number.

    EASY AS PIE!!!!

    If you are going to do this, do it quickly, just in case AT&T catches on to this loophole!!!!!

    1. I got it to work as well my steps last night:

      1: Restore borrowed iphone 2g to 3.1.3
      2: Turned the phone off after and then inserted the sim and restarted.
      3. Went through the activation process and received two emails immediately. They said the order number and that activation was processing.

      Note: My plan did not change all night but I had switched the sim back to Htc inspire (I had faith). I awoke to another email saying activation complete

      I checked my att account and BAM as if my account was 5 years old and not one week old (as it truly is). All the data plans (unlimited, 200mb, 2GB, smartphone, iphone) are available. Thought I cannot change to the smartphone unlimited as my account thinks I still have the iphone in.

  194. ok, I have an original i phone and i am able to upgade to the 3gs for $49. if i renew my contract, can i renew my contract and get the 3gs and then use my old iphone to get my $20. unlimited data plan back?

    1. You should be able to without any hassle. Actually that is almost impossible not to work. No sweat. Get the device, restore your old 2g and activate sim with it, then switch to the 3g and the option will be available online almost immediately. SERIOUSLY. If you can not change the plan then call or chat and dont act suspicious. just say I need my grandfathered line (should read unlimited iphone 2g for like 40 with text messages) to be moved to iphone 3g unlimited. NOTE: my first account took til the next morning to register the unlimited 2g plan but my second line did it immediately so time may vary.

      UPDATE: I went and added a line to my contract to capitalize on this and did the 2g method again and then immediately switched to the 3g to select the 3g unlimited and it would not allow the change so I chatted with a rep and said I wanted both of my grandfathered lines to be smartphone personal unlimited and she requested imei numbers and boom to Htc Inspires on unlimited 3g with family unlimited messaging.

      1. How long ago did you do this, do you remember the date? I’m having a hard time trying to get my phone done. I have the I phone 4. can this still be done?? Thanks Ken

      2. Once on the 24 and once on the 23. Seems people are still doing it lately as well. So nothing has changed in this week.

  195. @Laura

    That plan will be $30 ofcoarse but unlimited as before and with no included messages until you add a feature for that.

  196. Does anyone have a 2G that they’d be willing to let me use for this process? I’m unable to find one anywhere and NEED unlimited data :-/

    1. you can get a good quality 2G iPhone with 4GB storage for about $95.00 or less. After you “upgrade” resell the phone on eBay to recoup your losses. Even if you loss $25.00 on the deal it worth it.

  197. I have an 2G iphone for sale if anybody wants it. I’ve already set up the unlimited for my Iphone 4 for myself and two others. It worked perfectly. I bought it specifically for this purpose and now I no longer need it. Phone is still in good condition, I am selling it for $100 which includes shipping cost. Payment thru paypal only.

    1. I want it a iPhone 2g. If anyone has one to sell around 100.00 shipped please let me know.

  198. I just got off the phone with a rep and they told me that there is no longer an option on any iPhone to getthe unlimited even with the iPhone 2g even after threatening to cancel my contract as I have one can can provide the imei. Does anyone know if this is bs and they just didn’t want to do it for me?

    1. Total BS. Get another rep. I added the 2G phone last week and then switched to 3GS yesterday at an AT&T store. 10 Mins later my account was unlimited.

      1. it is total BS..i did a clients on the 24 of Feb. it worked flawlessly….

      2. Hmm thanks guys. I’ll try again and post the results. I even went as far as scheduling the termination to my contract which will be on the 16th if I’m not able to get this done. It’s not a natter of me being a data hog more then the piece if mind. I’ve had the unlimited before on both of my lines and were duped out of them on upgrades. I’ve filed god knows how many cases and still no results.

  199. @walter

    I would like to thank you for being my client for having trust in me with your information and the payment… I hope you enjoy your unlimited DATA that i have provided you. Best of luck with everything…

    1. @all – here’s a grain of salt regarding Manny. Took my cash (half up front), said he was not able to get unlimited data on my acct and kept the $$. Food for thought. YMMV.

  200. Activated my 2g through iTunes on Saturday morning, got an email saying i needed to call att iPhone activations because they needed more info. Called and confirmed I wanted my 2g activated with the edge unlimited. Got off the phone checked att site, had unlimited, turned off 3G in my four and popped my sim card in it. Toggles airplane mode. Go service. Waited 2days then got a text message saying I needed a data plan for this iPhone and the appropriate data plan had been added. Checked the site and sure Enough I had unlimited 3G. It still works, so easy. So simple.

  201. My Iphone 4g is finally unlimited!!!!! thanks to manny it took about a week or two but the process is well worth it. I looked at my account and it says I have unlimited data:D Thanks Manny for your services I reccommed him he is for real this isn’t a hoax.if you want more info email me I’ll fill you on his services. THanks Manny!!!! my email if you have any questions?

  202. And I would still recommend caution, he took my money and didn’t deliver.

  203. And I would still recommend caution. I paid and he didn’t deliver, nor did he refund my money.

  204. @scott

    thank you for your patience through the service. Have a great day and best of luck with your studies.

  205. So, I have read many ways of doing this. I have a 2g on it’s way. Quick question can I just tape my iPhone 4 sim in the 2g tray and switch phones in iTunes that way? Then place the phone back in the iPhone 4 and get unlimited data?

  206. @melissa i believe its going to ask you to insert a proper att sim. you can just pick one up for free at a a local att store. let me know how it works out.

    1. Thanks. Also, maybe you can answer this for me. Do I need to use the 2g for a few days? Also, does the 2g option come with unlimited text? I am thinking I should go to AT&T tell them I need to send my iPhone 4 out for repair and let them swap the sim and stuff. I’m wondering if I should do this closer to the end of my billing cycle to avoid prorated charged.

      1. no you really don’t have to.. Most of my clients go that some day and put in the sim in there iphone4 at the att store. iphone 2g comes with unlimited data and 200 msgs.

  207. Manny, do you recommend going to two different AT&T stores so they don’t question anything?

    1. if you can great… but what you are doing is nothing wrong…. process is legitimate. ..

      1. Are you still doing your service? Im wondering because I am attempting to do it myself but I am having a little bit of trouble doing so. So far I’ve switched from my iPhone 3GS to my iPhone 2G to attempt to get unlimited data. I went on and activated my iPhone 2G through itunes and picked the $20 unlimited data plan and everything else. Then I got an email later saying that my order was currently being processed and I would receive another email. I just got another email from AT&T saying “We’re sorry. AT&T has identified a problem with the information you provided. For more information, call 877-800-3701. Hours of operation are 9am-9pm Eastern, Monday to Friday.” I was wondering if this is normal and part of the process to get unlimited data? If so, what exactly should I tell them upon calling?

  208. My data doesn’t seem to Work while I’m on the phone, such as on the 2g I activated to get unlimited. Anyone else encounter this problem? Solution?

  209. Manny got me on the unlimited data plan. He was great, he was in constant communication and explained the process. Once talking on the phone I felt that he wasn’t going to do anything malicious, he was actually very respectful. After talking with him I felt confident. Thank you so much manny.

  210. Ok so I switched from my iPhone 3GS to my iPhone 2G to attempt to get unlimited data. I went on and activated my iPhone 2G through itunes and picked the $20 unlimited data plan and everything else. Then I got an email later saying that my order was currently being processed and I would receive another email. I just got another email from AT&T saying “We’re sorry. AT&T has identified a problem with the information you provided. For more information, call 877-800-3701. Hours of operation are 9am-9pm Eastern, Monday to Friday.” I was wondering if this is normal and part of the process to get unlimited data? If so, what exactly should I tell them upon calling?

  211. Just tell them u have an iPhone 2g now and u need it activated. Don’t tell them u plan on switching it back.

    That is strange I did not have to call anyone to activate it.

  212. Ok so should I act as if I broke my iPhone 3GS? And should I say I want unlimited data or will they just give it automatically?

  213. No because the only plan available for the iPhone 2g is the 20 dollar unlimited plan. So u don’t have to say unlimited. Then just swap ur sim back once ur 2g is activated and u gotthe email and texts saying so.

  214. @Eric
    Should I continue to leave my sim card in the iPhone 2G or should I try to switch back into the iPhone 3GS to see what happens?

  215. @Mitchell yes I still offering my service. I just finished a client before I got ur alert on my iPhone

    My number is 732 927 1746
    Gtalk: itzmmirza
    Aim: itzmansoot

    I get results quick. To all of you

  216. @allen that is up to you… i just did 4 clients in 2 hrs.. about to do one that offered me 100 if i do hers first.. her name is Melinda. Everyone will pay depending on how much they want there unlimited.

    and thanks to all you have trusted me with there info and payment .. best of luck to you all..

  217. @joe the policy for us managers just changed i would like you to send me your info one more time like you did before.. ill add it on.. thanks..

    1. Ok, well, as I have nothing to lose at this point, I resent you the info via text. I will report back the results back here if/when you come thru.

  218. this manny is a cock sucker i paid this prick 75 dollar 3 day ago and i still don’t have my fucking unlimited data back on my phone he keep telling me the same bull shit.

  219. manny i paid u 3 day ago 75 dollar are u gonna do my shit or not because i m fucking tired with ur bull shit ok bro

  220. @johnny if you know who i am CALL ME.. honestly i don’t know who you are… please don’t slander me. if so take it off this BLOG. and take care. i think you are confused..

  221. I just want everyone to know I successfully have gotten the unlimited data thanks to Manny. I will not lie I had my doubt’s at first doing this. There was even a point where I felt I may have made a big mistake. However, all those doubt’s never came true. I provided Manny with the information that he needed, which took a lot of trust. However, he kept me informed every step of the way. He e-mailed me and we talked via phone during this process that took less than an hour. I think some of you are finding yourself with more of a headache than anything. I would definitely recommend that Manny to each and everyone of you. Manny thanks again for the services you provided.

  222. johnny i understand u, but u don’t have to curse manny ok manny is a guy who ask u to pay first and make u wait 2 day or three to do the process this is the only problem i was in the same situation but he ‘s a honest guy. johnny u don’t have to curse manny. he’s a honest guy, he said he will do it, that’s mean he will johnny, trust me but like said manny have to much cases maybe that’s the reason why he make u waited that long.

  223. @andrea

    Thank you very much for your Support… i appreciate everything you guys have done for me…

  224. this manny is a asshole i m so piss right now shit i keep calling this scumbag and never pick up fucking asshole u lucky manny i m in L.A u better add my fucking unlimited on my phone for the 75 dollar that i paid u since 4 days now you scroungy little fuck

  225. this manny is a asshole i m so piss right now shit i keep calling this scumbag and never pick up fucking asshole u lucky manny i m in L.A u better add my fucking unlimited on my phone for the 75 dollar that i paid u since 4 days now you scroungy little fuck

  226. this is business manny u can’t fucking do it because u have to many cases. so stop fucking saying u will give unlimited data this is business i paid u fucker i don’t ask u for a fucking favor give me my money back i don’t fucking want u do it anymore i keep calling u and u don’t wanna pick up u fucking pathetic jerk

  227. oh u fucking lying oh shit u lucky bastard i m in l.a u lucky but i have ur phone number i will call police i have my paypal receipt u fucking asshole i paid u manny 75 dollar since tuesday i i made the payment at 4 pm u remenber now

  228. Ok, to set the record straight here — I have talked to *the* Manny and we had a bit of a miscommunication going on. After he wasn’t able to upgrade my line, I just assumed he was going to refund the $$, but I guess he intended to contact me when he had the ability to make the change in the system again. So when I saw on the blog that he was offering the service again and still hadn’t heard from him, I had some misgivings about what had transpired and wanted to share my experience. Let me also add that up until that point, I had no reservations about Manny — those of you who have talked to him, know he is a very reasonable person. And now after speaking with him again, I feel comfortable that he is going to come through for me like he said he would. -Joe L

  229. Manny is one of the most honest people I have met… You may think he’s not helping you when he really is… The system did change. Cause the first time we tried, thing’s did not go as planned. However, last night when we talked and he attempted it again everything worked out fine… I will definitely recommended him.

  230. @Johny…

    If what you said is true…1. take your meds and stop posting here. and 2. file a complaint with paypal and be done with it.

  231. @Johny

    You do realize a threat like this can be traced back to your IP address right? Since your threats cross state lines, that means it fall into the category of federal jurisdiction. You might want to lay off.

  232. i paid manny 2 days ago so he could do the process for me I provided Manny the information that he needed he kept me informed every step of the way He text me and we talked via phone during this process he’s a really nice guy really honest i should have unlimited data today or tomorrow jonhny i don’t believe you so please stop cursing him. or go to another website

  233. I think Manny’s legit. As I said earlier, he even has posts on craigslist in New Jersey and offers to do it in person. I don’t know about everyone else, but I wouldn’t offer a service and meet in person on something I can’t deliver on. Cause it’s a well deserved asswhooping for wasting ones time.
    @ Johnny or whomever is so angry. Why not email the copy of the paypal receipt to him so he can cross reference it. There have been mix ups with paypal before. It’s rare but not uncommon. If not, then file your dispute and move on. Paypal will automatically refund you your money if you do that and can prove it, which you say you can. Best of luck.

  234. Ok, folks… Let me just say I put Manny through a lot to put up with me. I was very consistent in texting him. I know at time’s it went a little out of control on my end. However, my phone now has unlimited data thanks to him….

  235. Guys, Manny is definitely legit. He just did my wife’s line for me. I had to wait about a week, because he does have a backlog. I am waiting for the 2nd line now (my sons). I imagine if you flame him after a few days, he isn’t going to move you to the front of the line. Just have a little patience. I admit I was beginning to wonder, but he contacted me today (1 week and 1 day after payment), and set it up. I just came back from AT&T, where I said I wanted to activate a phone. They asked me if I wanted to keep the unlimited plan, and I said yes. I got lucky, and there was no wait in the AT&T store. 10 minutes total, and I was in and out. So, would I recommend Manny? Definitely yes.

      1. The first line was $70, and the second was $75 (his price went up, as demand went up). He did my second line (my sons) today, and even managed to make it so that I didn’t need to replace the sim, so I didn’t even need to go to the store.

        So for me so far, he is 2 for 2. I will definitely be referring friends of mine that need this done.

        People, trust me, I understand the hesitation in doing this, but if you want it done, and don’t want to hassle with doing it solo, Manny does a great job.

  236. @chuck
    @Jackie silvestre
    @ recent clients

    Thank you all for your kind words and giving me the opportunity to give u a excellent service. Thanks for the honesty and trust.

  237. @everyone

    thanks everyone for standing up to Johnny.. some people honestly need to practice CIVILITY… its seems like it is slowly disappearing.

  238. WOW.. 4 lines done in ONE day…. i am exhausted another 4 more to do tommorow…

  239. Hey has anyone done this process lately. I borrowed my friends iPhone 2g and tried it once with my activated SIM card but it did not workout properly. I am going to the AT&T store tomorrow to get an unactivated SIM card to try it again. Do u think this will help? Also, I wanted to see if anyone else has had success doing this in last week or so? Any comments are much appreciated!

    1. did you do this? did it work? please let me know because im trying to do the same thing. thank you

  240. @mitchell

    I thought u were going to call me and have me do the process. I just finished one 2 hrs ago.

    1. Well I am interested in doing it with you for sure. I did not know if you were going to do it for me. I think I would like to though because I am had a lot of trouble doing it on my own. Do you think it will be easier for me do it through your service?

  241. The only thing is that I do not have an unactivated SIM card yet. Will the one already activated for my 3GS work, or should I pick one up tomorrow and do it then?

  242. @Mitchel I used my already activated 3GS card without a hitch about a month ago. Worked perfect on 2 lines.

    1. Ok because last time u told me To get a unactivated SIMcard, but if you can with an activated one that will be great.

  243. @mitchell

    its funny this conversation reminds me of our back to back emails we are having per Questions.. you can just contact me on my cell phone or any of the above contact info.

  244. @mitchel I did it just last week. I had to call att to confirm that I was activating the 2g waited a few hours then put it back in. Waited a couple days and got the text saying I have been upgraded to unlimited 3G data

  245. Hey manny I just wanted to let you know that I tried to call but there was no answer. Give me a call when you can or let me know when it’s best for me to call you back.


  246. I’m about to try this trick. How long do I have to use the 2G before I switch back to my iPhone 4? I am really hoping this works because they screwed me out of my unlimited without my knowledge until recently I got a text saying I’m coming close to my limit. I should have looked at my bill closer but still… Anyways… (fingers crossed)

    1. @Ken.

      Let me know if it doesn’t work out for you. I’ll do it for you within 20 minutes. Take care

      My contact info is on this blog everywhere

  247. I did not use it st all on my Phone but on my wifes she used it for a few days cuz he 3GS was getting replaced, so it really does not matter. My only question is how do u do it with a micro sim? Is there an adPter for a reg size sim card?

  248. @Everyone

    MANNY IS THE BEST!!!! I can barely believe it, but I now have unlimited data thanks to him! Plus, it required me to do practically nothing. He does the entire process for you; all you have to do is sit back, relax, and get unlimited data. I almost feel stupid for hesitating to call him up. After speaking to him I realized how good of a guy he truly is. He’s a very honest person, and is someone that you can definitely count on all the way. If you want unlimited data, do yourself a favor and give Manny a call. And if you are hesitant about doing so, just take a second to think about it; over half the people on this blog used his service to get unlimited data for their iPhone, and all of them had only good things to say about their experience. Now if that doesn’t speak the truth, than I don’t know what else does. Trust me, he won’t let you down!

    Thanks for everything Manny,


    1. If anyone has any questions whatsoever about Manny’s service I’d be happy to answer them for you. You can contact me at my email which is


  249. PEOPLE I ONLY HAVE 3 WORDS TO SAY GREAT JOB MANNY . people manny is polite, and has the patience well beyound anyone I ever spoke with. he came thru with everything he promised!! ( i paid 75 dollar and after 3 day he added the unlimited data on my account ) Each and every time I texted or called him , he promptly replied back…. I can’t thank him enough. manny is the real deal people, He does what he says he’ll do. People u don’t need to have doubt in his ability or his service!!! I recommended manny to all of u. manny thanks again bro i really appreciate your service may god bless u every day in ur life THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  250. Manny just did my unlimited upgrade for my iPhone 4, and it’s wonderful. He’s legit guys. I highly recommend if you don’t want to deal with this yourself to have him do it for you.

  251. Hey Manny, I’m very interested in having you do this for me – just wondering what the typical turnaround time is and what I will need to do on my end.


  252. Stop freaking lying manny u not gonna do it in 30 minutes mike trust me he gonna take forever that manny gonna ask u to pay 75 dollar on paypal and u will see he s gonna take forever to do the process for u mike dont listen to manny he did the same thing to me to i was so mad mike listen to me just buy a iphone 2g on ebay with seven return so when u re done with the process u could return it and having ur money back the process is simple mike buy. A iphone 2g and a sim card with seven day return on ebay call customer service they gonna ask for the imei number on the iphone 2g and the number on the sim card and they will activate it for u now u gonna have unlimited data plan on ur account now to switch it to ur current phone just call customer service and tell them that u have a new phone now and u wanna switch the plan that u have on ur iphone 2g (unlimited data ) to ur current phone and they will do it for u now u good to go after that with the seven day return that u have on ur iphone 2g just return it the iphone 2g

  253. Trust me guys u dont need to pay 75 dollar to a guy who gonna take forever to freaking do a simple process and who keep lying to us (he s gonna do it in 30 minute bullshit ) he did that to me before this prick i waited 8 day just for this prick to add a unlimited data and he make me paid 75 dollar people please just listen do it byself follow my in truction thank u

  254. @brad

    IF you wanna go ahead and do it yourself then great.. saves me time. Like someone on this post said it best. if you don’t want to go through with the hassle yourself then obviously take the service. thats all i gotta say. and best of luck

    it took long for Brad cuz the process was different policy had changed thats all. And now its hassel free then waiting. i thought it was made clear in the previous posts.

    1. the $75 was worth the time i didn’t have to waste dealing with it. yeah, i could’ve probably figured it out, but i’ve got better shit to do. manny saved me time and energy and all i had to do was go to an AT&T store and get a new SIM activated.

  255. @Brad

    You must be crazy! I tried the process on my own it is a lot more time consuming than you think. I don’t know what your talking about Brad because Manny gave me some of the best customer experience in my life. He was extremely patient with me and walked me through what he was doing every step of the way and had it done in no time at all. I paid him and gave him my information just the other day later in the evening and by the next morning it popped up on my account that I had unlimited dat on my iPhone! And the best part was that it required me to do nothing. I sat back, relaxed, and had unlimited data in not time at all. It was some of the best money that I have ever spent in my life. And Manny’s right about the fact that the process was harder to do previously. But even if it did take almost 8 days to for you to get unlimited data Brad, it’s still unlimited data which you were able to get. That is something that you should be grateful for everyday because it is very lucky that someone like Manny was able to figure out this process and offer it to anyone who wants it. If you weren’t so impatient, you would realize how lucky you are to have found Manny. Thanks to Manny, I am now grandfathered into unlimited data for the rest of my life. So for anyone interested in Manny’s service, please don’t listen to people like Brad. Manny will do it for you, and get you your unlimited data in a matter of no time at all.
    Thanks again Manny!

    All the best,

    1. @Mitchel Thank you very very very very much for those words. Those words truly caught me off track. i didn’t expect this at all. I really appreciate that.

      Its okay if brad chooses to express himself like this.. He didn’t express it when the process was over or even during it. It came to be as a shock that my own client that i serviced said this.. anyways best of luck to you BRAD. i have nothing against you. i just hope you enjoy your Unlimited DATA.

      1. No problem Manny! You definitely deserve it! I can’t tell you how good it feels to have unlimited data. Thanks for everything! Now if you will excuse me, its time to for me to watch some more netflix lol.

  256. Hey guys an update from my previous comment. I went to an att store and explained my situation. My wife and I had the unlimited previously and it was taken off etc. The rep was able to get my wife’s unlimited back after about an Hr and half of talking to C.S. He wasn’t able to do mine though because he said I haven’t had it in over 6 months. Although I’ve been calling them since. He is going to try for me again tomorrow. Im sending my wife to handle it. I’ll give you all an update then. It seems if you call C.S. Theyll do nothin for you, but if you go to an actual store they’ll help you out and get results. Hope he can get it done for me. As I explained earlier I’ll just cancel all my lines.

      1. I made a previous post where I Attempted to do this over the phone with cs and I said I’d post my results when I try again.

    1. I made a previous post where I Attempted to do this over the phone with cs and I said I’d post my results when I try again.
      @ manny yea been here since Jan. Didn’t really try it until early march. If I can’t get my other line done, I will be contacting you.

      1. @manny

        I hope it works out for you. If not it I’ll take care of it for you.

  257. I like how everyone praises manny. However, I guess I don’t see it. He say’s 30 minutes. But, for some reason it takes 24-60 hours. Don’t see how the two match up.

    1. @Melissa
      The reason I praise Manny is plan and simple. He is a good guy and is the reason why I have unlimited data. That’s is something I didn’t think was possible until Manny offered me his service.

    2. @ manny my wife contacted you on my phone via your craigslist post by text (917- ***-**20#) we’ll be awaiting your reply and answers to a few questions. I’m at work until 3am so anytime tonight is fine.

    3. @ manny my wife contacted you on my phone via your craigslist post by text (917- ***-**20#) we’ll be awaiting your reply and answers to a few questions. I’m at work until 3am so anytime tonight is fine.
      @ michelle yes even if the time frame is inaccurate (which may cause doubt with anyone including myself, to me the results are what matters. I had one line done in the att store and it took the rep almost 2 hours to get results so this process must’ve gotten difficult in the past few months.

  258. I found this thread by accident when I was doing some research on getting my unlimited data plan back from AT&T. I have previously tried to get my wife’s and my data plan back to unlimited by contacting AT&T when news came out that they were secretly offering it to those who had it before.Suffice to say that I was unsuccessful in my numerous attempts even when threatening to close my account and move to Verizon. Based on a lot of people’s comments on Manny, I took the chance and contacted him about getting my wife’s and my data plan back to unlimited. Manny was very helpful and was always in contact with me regarding the process every step of the way and definitely put my mind at ease. I even encountered a glitch when my local AT&T would not give me a blank sim card but Manny told me not to worry and that he would take care of it. Exactly what Brad said about Manny and the whole process. I just wish I had found this thread before so as to save me all the aggravation of arguing and constantly contacting AT&T. I highly recommend Manny.

  259. Correction to my comment above.

    I meant to say “Exactly what Mitchell said about Manny”, Instead of “Exactly what Brad said about Manny.

    If you want to talk to me about my experience with Manny, leave a msg and I will email you about my info to contact me.


  260. Well, I’m still confused as to how to go about doing it. This blog is filled with 50% of how bad Manny is. People fail to realize that he is not staffed like a true business to handle a flood of request so by that of course it would take a little more time to get to your request, considering that he may have a 9-5…So, many variables people don’t take into consideration..Anyway enough of that…So, all you need is a 2giphone and a new sim plug it into iTunes and let it do its thing? If not please explain

    1. @ busa it’s not that simple anymore. Att has blocked you from doing it so the process will work as before, except you’ll get an email stating it’s been cancelled. You’ll call cs and they’ll just file a claim , text you almost a week later, and you still won’t have any results. I’ve done this process for my cousin back when I still had unlimited data. Them got scammed out of it. Tried it again, and it didn’t work. I’m actually using manny right now. I texted him today and he said it should be ready by roughly Monday or Tuesday. I don’t mind the wait. Better then not getting it at all.

      1. So, does anyone know the correct process in going about doing it?If so could it be explained.Im curious as to what he is doing that we cant do….Or is it something we could do and its just less of a pain to let him complete it for us…$80 is a lot

  261. I believe Manny wors for att with manager rights. Thats how he has access to your account. If the 2g hack does not work anymore the 80 dollar fee is still better than paying fir a 2gb capped plan.

    1. you may be right Eric…I dont hear a lot of success rates on this blog…

      1. It worked great back in november when I did it for my cousin. But they’ve upgraded there system to make things harder for everyone. I really don’t think it’s possible to do on your own anymore.

  262. The 2g trick still works just fine. I did the following – Taped the microSIM inside the sim tray on the 2g and restored the phone through itunes selecting the $20 data plan. I ended up receiving the email stating that activation was canceled. Called customer service and explained that my iph4 was broken and that I wanted to use my old 2g iphone. The key here is getting a rep on the phone that actually knows how to do it. The first one I spoke to was unable to add the plan to my account so I hung up and called back. The next one knew exactly what to do and had the plan added in a few minutes. I verified that the unlimited edge plan was on my account later that day and then put the microSIM back in my iph4. The next morning I received a text stating the they had added the appropriate plan, but when I went into OLAM, it was still listed as the unlimited edge plan (though everything worked as it should). Then all you have to do is call up customer service again, get them to put in the iph4 IMEI and you will be able to change your plan to the $30 unlimited one. Too simple.

  263. I did this for myself yesterday so I know it still works. I spoke with Manny earlier in the day & was very much considering having him do it for me. He was very polite & informative over the phone. He called me back within minutes of me leaving a message. I can vouche for his politeness & I would be hiring him if it didn’t work for me. I have not worked with him so I have nothing to say as far as whether he is legit or not but I did want to mention how helpful he was in explaining what he does. I just didn’t have the money to spend on this right now & someone gave me a 2G phone so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it myself while I’m waiting for my next paycheck. It worked like a charm & was surprisingly easy. I don’t know if I just lucked out with good customer service reps over the phone or what but I’m so happy to say I’m back on my unlimited plan. Thanks to this forum, I was able to accomplish something by myself that countless customer service reps & managers & managers of managers told me they could not do no-matter-what… Thank you to those who have contributed here. 🙂

    1. Hi Manny, Are you having any luck with the unlimited data issues?? Still interested in trying my phone again with you. Ken & Cindy Thanks, If so please text me or if you don’t have the number reply here, Thanks again….

  264. Ken is there anyway you can give some detail as to how this was possible I know you need iPhone 2g, any activated sim + adapter for microsim, computer to activate the iPhone 2g,
    That’s it and it will automatically say you have unlimited data? Please explain I will greatly appreciate.

  265. Ken is there anyway you can give some detail as to how this was possible. Step by step I will really appreciate please.

    1. I’ll let you know what I did /c it was slightly different then what Joe L did & still worked for me.

      I took my 2G to an AT&T store & told them I misplaced my iPhone 4 & needed set up on this old phone. The rep got me all set up fairly quickly. When I asked if I had a different data plan now he said yes & that it might take a few minutes to process. I waited 2 hrs & it still did not show the unlimited 2G plan online so I called customer service.
      I told the customer service rep that I had switched phones & needed my plan to switch as well. She took my IMEI & sim card info. She said she had to get a supervisor to approve the switch & it would just be a couple minutes. After a brief hold she came back & said I was all set.
      As soon as I saw the new plan show up online, I shut down the 2G & removed the sim. I trimmed it to the size of a micro sim & inserted it into my iPhone 4.
      After tuning it back on, it immediately show that I had an iPhone 4 on the website, but it still showed the 2G data plan. However, now there was an unlimited 3G plan as an option. I chose this option then proceeded to finalize the change but it failed to go through.
      From this point I called customer service again & told them I was switching from my iPhone 2G to a newer iPhone & that I was trying to change my data plan to match online but it wasn’t working. She asked what plan I wanted & I told her the unlimited one. She took my IMEI information & processed it. She did not put me on hold for any approval so I asssume none was needed at this point. 2 miniutes later I had my unlimited 3G data plan & it showed this online as well.
      Finally, the next day I went back into the AT&T store & told them I had upgaded & trimmed my sim card & wasn’t comfortable with a cut up sim card. They replaced it with a new micro sim. Sorry for the length but I wanted it to be very clear exactly what I did.

      Good luck. 🙂

  266. Nvm I went all the way to the bottom post and posted to Ken and then I slowly started reading up and realized Joe L listed step by step lol.

  267. Does anyone have a 2G I could use for this? Willing to pay for shipping… Would be forever grateful!

    1. @ Joe L Well I have Manny on it and he’s stuck on the unlimited data not staying on my plan

      1. Same issue here. Manny have been trying but the unlimited plan won’t stay put. It keeps getting kicked. Hope he can solve it.

  268. @turbofry3 : hmmm, maybe we have something in common..Have you ever called and tried to get your unlimited data back by asking the manager and they submitted a case?

  269. Hi guys thanks for all the info. I hope that you can answer my questions as well.

    I own a Iphone 4 with 2gb data and unlimited text.

    1- Can I borrow a friends phone (2g) who uses it currently?
    2- Can I use my microsim from my IP4, and use an adaptor to put in the 2g phone to do the activation?
    3 Or do I need a new regular sim from ATT and then cut it with a sim cutter?

    Once I got through this “activation” screen on itunes, how long to I have to keep the 2g phone activated or on until I can switch back to the IP4?

    Thanks so much

  270. Has anyone switched back to un limited in the last week? Just curious.. I never had the unlimited plan on my phone but I would really like to have it. If I get a 2g phone and activate it will I be able to switch it over to my I4?? It would seem that at&t is really getting tough on this issue. Thanks.

  271. Hmmm, It seems it may be some issues with this manny guy. Do everyone have problems with this guy responding back for updates about money they have giving him concerning their unlimited data? Also, it seems that its some issues concerning the data not staying on the plan. I’m wondering if it can be done why doesnt this guy manny so say and respond in a timely manner. Im looking at the comments and i see a trend of it working flawlessly and now problems with it staying on the plan once you get it to transfer. Does anyone refer manny to handle it at this point? Have their been a situation as to where he couldnt do it and gave the refund back?

    1. @ Jessica I have used manny. If you check out the posts you’ll see that. He kept me informed of what was going on the whole way through. And spoke to me about being stuck at keeping he unlimited on without the system kicking it back off. My wife was able to get it put on by a rep calling CS on my behalf doing the switch and it worked. I told manny about it and he refunded me the money via paypal. If your concerned about not getting a refund if he doesn’t do it I can email you a screen shot of the refund he gave me.

  272. Manny are you still on this site ? if so please give me a call or e-mail me Ken & Cindy

  273. wow..Have Manny disappeared?lol..I’m still wanting to go this Manny route but for some reason I am having doubt. I hear that he doesnt call back nor respond, and that people are still waiting on results do to a AT&T update to the new loop hole..Is anyone getting results from Manny since this has taken place and is he keeping everyone updated on the situation?

  274. @Jessica
    @my clients who are waiting

    I really haven’t disappeared. i am to waiting patiently for the system to change on my end. i have refunded a client already. its not i am planning on running away with the money. I am just being honest. sorry if i have given any sense of insecurity.

  275. @Manny, so are you saying that its not possible to do it no more on your end? How long do you anticipate on your end updating?

  276. Manny why do all the comments praising your services all come from the same IP your posts come from??? People don’t send him your money he’s a scammer it’s so obvious

    1. @MannyLies
      I don’t understand why people like you come along accusing Manny of something completely false. Do u just envy the fact that others have been successful to recieve unlimited data because they used Many’s service and you obviously haven’t? I can personally tell all of you that I am Mitchell and have a completely different IP adress and in my case right now I am writing this post on my 3G iPhone network with unlimited day thanks to Manny (: Please ignore this “MannyLies” character. Manny is a good guy and once the system is working properly again I’m sure he’ll get all of you your unlimited data.

      Thanks again Manny,

  277. @MannyLies are you serious I know people that have giving him money

  278. @stan

    thank you for pointing that out… there was someone just like that couple of weeks ago as well…. thanks to my honest clients…

    1. Manny, just ignore the bad comments. sounds like they have nothing better to do than bitch!!!
      He got my wifes phone on the unlimited plan and I hope he can get mine done as well.
      As for the same IP adress thats BS and and you know it!!!! Don’t worry about the idiots!!

      And people, please proof read what you type before you submit a comment.

  279. Yes so does the 2g method still work? Because I am getting one to give it a try.

    1. Please post your results, I’m curious if it still works. If so I’ll get a 2g and do it myself. Thanks Ken,

  280. Has anyone got back on unlimited in the past week. Has manny been able to help anyone lately?

  281. I tried contacting Manny through calling him and text, but no response. I am guessing they have cauhgt onto what he is doing or something else he doesnt want anyone to know. There would be no reason not to contact someone back who is willing to pay for your services. The first time I contacted Manny a few wks ago he wasnt hesitant at all to contact me back but I was not comfortable with giving my information so I didnt go thru with it. I decided to go ahead with the process but now he has neglected to contact me back or show on this forum. I have taken the option to order a 2G on ebay and try it myself as others report to still have success with it.

    1. OK here is the deal I work for at&t you have limited time to go on the unlimited plan with the iphone 2g. After April 30 you no longer will have the ability through Itunes to get the unlimited plan on your iphone. So this is what you do first you need to go into a local att store and bring your 2g iphone and your laptop for itunes. Tell them you want it activated without any data. Once activated try to go through Itunes to add unlimited data. If that does not work call customer service explain you are trying to get unlimited data on your iphone 2g but iphone wont put it on. Then tell them that you also have your iphone 3gs or iphone 4 with you and you would like to activate it and be grandfathered in to the unlimited plan. They will put you on hold and then get it approved by a manager then you are all set. But hurry up because you have less then a month to do this guys.

      Your At&t to Rep

  282. The method still works . I did it last night without any problems other than manny taking my money and not providing me with the service promised . He doesnt respond to my text or answer his phone and won’t refund me my money! Best advice want it done right fo it yourself. I’m still trying to contact manny for my refund and I’ll post my results if he decided to do the right thing.

    1. Did you say that Manny is not giving you a refund? Well, I spoke with him through email and he responded in saying that no later than friday I would have my refund…Do you still have your iphone 2g that you used to get this done? If so would like to talk about what we could work out so i could use it…

      1. Ok so I emailed him and am waiting for a response. As for the phone I used it belongs to a friend so I have no control
        Over it but it works for sure and took only 20 min. To do.

  283. Damn, so Im wondering what the problem was as in why Manny couldnt get it done…Richard you used the same process as the previous ones?

    1. Did a restore then new sim card. Activate using iTunes , got the 20 dollar unlimited plan. Logged on to my att account and checked manage features and saw there was an option for unlimited 3G data for $30. Cut the sim card insert into iphone4 then called cd and told them my phone had no Internet . They checked and told me that the plan I had was wrong so they fixed it to the unlimited 3G data. Once you have the option for unlimited on your account your locked in to get it grandfathered .

      1. That’s weird when I tried, it didn’t work. I used manny but My wife wound up going to the Att store for me and getting it done. I contacted manny and he gave me a refund the same day within a few hours. If anyone questions whether they’ll get a refund if can’t I can email you a screen shot to prove that. If any of you are having trouble I’d say go to an Att store and try it. Some might not be able to cause they have to call corporate and persuade them. But if you got a cool rep at the store with the gift of gab, he’ll produce results. It does take a while to convince them though. Took my wife like 2 hrs waiting in the store while he did it. I’m assuming they’ve tightened the boundrys on doing it. The rep said that he was able to do it for me cause I had it before and just convinced them that they were fuckin me out of my plan. Good luck to you all.

  284. Good to see that it still working. I bought a 2g off of ebay and the crappy seller sends the phone with everything but the damn sim card tray. Pissed I am. Have to send it back bcuz I can find a sim card tray and it would take a few days just order one. Give me a car with no engine why dont you. As for manny I knew something was up and I hope you get your money back.

    1. That’s weird when I tried, it didn’t work. I used manny but My wife wound up going to the Att store for me and getting it done. I contacted manny and he gave me a refund the same day within a few hours. If anyone questions whether they’ll get a refund if can’t I can email you a screen shot to prove that. If any of you are having trouble I’d say go to an Att store and try it. Some might not be able to cause they have to call corporate and persuade them. But if you got a cool rep at the store with the gift of gab, he’ll produce results. It does take a while to convince them though. Took my wife like 2 hrs waiting in the store while he did it. I’m assuming they’ve tightened the boundrys on doing it. The rep said that he was able to do it for me cause I had it before and just convinced them that they were fuckin me out of my plan. Good luck to you all.
      @ Theodore you can get a sim tray for like $2 on eBay. Probably $5 at a cell phone shop.

      1. so does the sim needs to be activated? Or you just need to go to the att store and get a unactivated sim and then put it in the iphone 2g?

  285. I used an unactivated sim so I’m not sure what else works. Cs kept telling me that I only had 3options 200mb,2gigs,or 4gigs with tether . They try to discourage you to think you dont have the unlimited option when clearly i did . What ever you do don’t settle for any limited plans .