Compare Hotel Prices with HotelCalculator App [Sponsored]

Suddenly you have to change your hotel reservations or immediately book accommodation. It does not have to be another stressful situation anymore. Wherever you are, with HotelCalculator’s iPhone app you can book hotels in almost every city across the globe. You can use the HotelCalculator iPhone app anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

This “pocket size” search engine will help you find absolute best market prices available because it compares prices of accommodation found on the various travel websites. Save your time with this app that can automatically search aggregates data from over 20 hotel reservation websites and compare the prices for you. Smaller screen but still the same efficient and affordable way to hunt for the best deals…

One of HotelCalculator’s iPhone app helpful features is a map with all properties available in the selected city. With integrated mapping, smart sorting and filters for search results, users can now quickly find hotels in a selected destination or simply near their current location.

Moreover, by using the hotel comparison feature, you can easily narrow down your options until you get a short list of hotels for you to choose from. Users can sort available hotels by price, accommodation type, amenities and even distance from the current location or city center. Now you can find the right place to stay in just a few minutes.

Every hotel is presented with an extensive array of information that includes hotel descriptions, lists of services and amenities, and a vast library of images, allowing the user to choose which hotel to book, with the utmost efficiency. Thanks to the 100% SSL secure connection you can book hotels directly without leaving the app. Best of all, the HotelCalculator app is a free download in the AppStore.

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