Google Voice App GV Mobile+ Free For A Few Hours

A quick alert to let you know that GV Mobile+, the Google Voice application by Sean Kovacs is free in the App Store for a few hours. According to Sean’s Twitter update, GV Mobile+ will go back to its normal price ($2.99) at around 10pm PST.

GV Mobile+ was released in the App Store last week after Apple loosened up the app approval process. It is the second Google Voice iPhone app to be approved in the App Store this since Apple changed the app approval process. GV Connect was the first one.

You can download GV Mobile+ from here. Hurry up!

UPDATE: The developer of GV Mobile+ is apparently pissed that we (and other sites) shared the news. As a result, the app is not free anymore.

UPDATE 2: The dev says on Twitter the app should be free again for just a few minutes. Hurry!