Enable Private Browsing on Your iPhone with Covert

Covert is a new jailbreak application by Chpwn that lets you enable private browsing on Safari. Let’s imagine you want to browse those favorite dirty sites of yours but you don’t want your girlfriend to snoop in your browser history and realize you’ve been watching 2 girls and a cup for the 50th time, then Covert is for you.

I certainly hope that’s not what you will use Covert for, but at least you get my point. This being said, this is how to use Covert…

After installing Covert from Cydia, you can enable private browsing by tapping the Tabs button on Safari and then tap the ‘Private Browsing’ button. The UI will change color to indicate private browsing is enabled. It’s that simple.

You can download Covert from Cydia for free. Have you tried it yet? Does it do the job for you? Let us know by leaving a comment.