SwitcherPlus Brings Your iPhone App Switcher to the Lockscreen

SwitcherPlus is a new jailbreak application that brings your iPhone app switcher to the lockscreen. I have been trying it, and while it’s still in beta, I find it very stable. As a matter of fact, I haven’t had any issue at all with SwitcherPlus since I installed it.

When on your lockscreen, simply double tap the home button and the switcher will show up. You can choose to add some favorites to the switcher. These favorites will always be the first 4 apps that will appear in your switcher no matter what.

To get SwitcherPlus, add this source to Cydia http://www.switcherplus.com/cydia/spbeta1.0, then reboot your iPhone. The SwitcherPlus icon will appear on your home screen, from where you’ll be able to tweak the settings to your liking.

SwitcherPlus is from the same developers as BiteSMS, and really is on its way to get in my favorite iPhone jailbreak apps. Oh and before I forget, it plays nice with Five Icon Switcher.

Give it a test drive and tell us what you think.