iPhone App Store Director Makes Fart Apps

This is a nice little find. The folks over at Wired report that the man in charge of regulating what gets into the iPhone App Store actually makes his own line of Fart apps. I’m not blowing wind here. Phillip Shoemaker has a few apps that we know of that include Animal Farts, iWiz (which is actually a urine simulator), and a refrigerator magnet app called Medical Poetry.

His company titled Gray Noodle doesn’t make the apps for the love of undesired bodily sounds either. The apps cost between $1-$2 and his highest rated entry holds a 3 1/2 star mark. Seems that Shoemaker has pulled all reference to his prestigious selection off his social media sites after learning his secret was out. Embarrassed much?

Does this piss anyone off (pun intended)? Should the head of the App Store even be allowed to include his own entries? Surely his own applications don’t get put under the same amount of scrutiny that those submitted by the rest of the developers. Perhaps I’m wrong but I think Phil should stop being so anal, and get back to his respected position at Apple. Thoughts?