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Rocket League Sideswipe with its car soccer shenanigans launches globally for iPhone and iPad

Remember back in March of this year, when video game developer Psyonix made some waves when they announced a brand new car soccer (football) experience for mobile? That was some good news, especially for fans of the original Rocket League they've been playing on PC and consoles for years. Unfortunately, we didn't know when, exactly, the game would launch. But, surprise! It's here now.

Amazon launches the official Prime Video app for Mac

There are a lot of services out there to choose from if you want to watch something. Apple is just one of many. However, if you're someone who simply prefers to use an official app rather than a website, those options actually get a bit more limited. Luckily for Amazon Prime Video fans out there, who also prefer an app, the wait is over.

Judge rules Apple has until December 9, 2021, to enact App Store changes allowing developers to link to alternative payment options

Back in September of this year, the judge tasked with overseeing the Epic Games vs. Apple trial came to a decision. Among other things, the judge ruled that Apple must allow for alternative payment options within the App Store. This, as you can imagine, did not go over well with Apple, as it means the company has to change a fundamental aspect of its digital storefront moving forward.

Netflix Games is rolling out support for iOS devices

It has been a week since Netflix Games officially launched. This new feature baked right not the Netflix streaming service allows subscribers to access a handful of mobile games right on their devices. At first, the service was only available on Android devices. However, it didn't take long before Netflix confirmed iOS support was in the works.

How to contact an iPhone or Mac app developer

App Developer

You may want to contact an iPhone, iPad, or Mac app developer for multiple reasons. This includes getting support, requesting a new feature, notifying about a bug, information regarding an update, asking for their next app, and more.

Apple makes it easy and transparent to contact an iOS, iPadOS, or macOS app developer via the App Store. This post will show you five ways to reach the app's developer to get your grievances addressed.

Google confirms changes to comply with South Korean law requiring alternative billing options, Apple remains quiet

We are almost through the first week of November 2021, and it looks like Apple is doing everything it can to drag its feet when it comes to a brand new requirement regarding third-party billing options in the Play Store. This new law was passed by the government in South Korea, and Google was swept up in the action as well. The difference is, Google's set forth a plan to make those changes. Apple? Not so much.