Woz Up?

Our favorite Apple walrus, Steve Wozniak, gave a mini sized press conference in Valencia, Spain last week. It’s hard to imagine the big, cheerful fuzz king doing anything in small proportions, however the entire YouTube clip lasts just over 3 minutes. Of the topics “The Woz” was asked about and answered were, Apple & Google, the iPhone 4 antenna, Steve Jobs, and a feel-good recollection of his success as a young-spirited Apple enthusiast.

While there is nothing earth shattering revealed, (except maybe that beard ), it’s nice seeing the big guy continuing to take his jolly approach to whatever comes his way. My favorite part of the clip comes at 2:10 when Wozniak states “While I do receive a small salary from Apple, I do virtually no real work”. Well damn, that must be hard to get out of bed for each day. /sarcasm. No wonder he is always smiling.