Vonage Offering Free Calls to Facebook Friends

So you’ve probably added all your old friends from your hometown via Facebook. While it’s fun to “like” their latest pictures and status updates but you really don’t want to waste your minutes on them, your problem is solved. Vonage has teamed up with Facebook, creating an app for your iPhone, (& Android), entitled Vonage Mobile for Facebook that allows free calls over Wi-Fi or 3G to anyone domestic or overseas, for free.

After you download the free app, just sign in with your Facebook account and you’ll see a list of your friends who’ve done the same, and are ready to be called for free. You will also see whom you can chat with over IM. If you don’t have unlimited 3G, or a Wi-Fi subscription, your first move should be checking with your carrier to figure out any charges that may apply to you.

Of course the program has its own Facebook page, which will allow you to invite your friends to the download the free app. This all sounds great, but I have one question. How many people are actually going to do this? Are you?