Ballmer Says Apple Sold More iPads He Would Have Wanted Them to

Haaa Steve Ballmer is one funny guy. He recently spoke about the tablet market and the iPad during Microsoft’s annual financial analyst meeting. Here are some of the highlights:

Apple has done an interesting job of putting together a product […] They’ve certainly sold more than I’d like them to sell. For us, the job is to say we have a lot of [intellectual property] and software and we’ve done a lot of work on ink and touch. We have got to make things happen. Just like we had to make things happen on netbooks, we have to with Windows 7 on slates. We’re in the process of doing that as we speak.

We’ve got to push right now with our hardware partners. People will say, ‘When?’ I’ll say, ‘As soon as they are ready, and it is job-one urgency.’ Nobody is sleeping at the switch.

As Johnny Evans said this morning on 9 to 5 Mac, now that Apple has showed Microsoft the way, they are now firing up the photocopiers.

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