Hack Turns Your iPod Touch Into an iPhone

You’re going to have to take this one with a huge grain of salt but it seems a company called Yosion figured out a way to turn the iPod Touch into an iPhone. And no, this doesn’t require you to use some VoIP service. This hack, if legit, might be the ultimate iTouch hack ever made.

Basically the “Apple Peel 520” comes as an iPod Touch case that includes an Infineon baseband chip, an extra 800 mAh battery, and a slot for a SIM card. Just pop a SIM card in and plug your microphone-equipped ear buds and you should be good to go.

The Apple Peel 520 will presumably go on sale this week in China for $45 to $75. There isn’t much proofs this is real so don’t get too excited about it.