Looks like I now have an unlocked iPhone 4 :)

These are PlanetBeing’s own words, talking about the iPhone 4 unlock on Twitter. The Dev Team has been working on the iOS 4 and more specifically the iPhone 4 unlock for quite a while now and it seems we’re not too far from an official release, as we talked about yesterday.

PlanetBeing iPhone 4 Unlock

Looking at MuscleNerd‘s Twitter activity, one can only assume that the famous ultrasn0w iPhone unlock will be updated soon to give access to an iPhone 4 unlock to the masses. However, we need a jailbreak first, and the word going around is that Spirit for iOS 4 will be released as soon as the unlock is ready.

With Apple rumored to push an update to iOS 4, the Dev Team might want to wait a bit before releasing a jailbreak and unlock. We’ll see.