iPhone 4 Unlock Ready for Release?

One More Thing... Unlock iPhone 4 by MuscleNerd

While GeoHot is teasing us with fake jailbreaks for iPhone 4, the Dev Team is hard at work on an i4 unlock, and they seem to get closer.

In a tweet sent out his  morning, Dev Team front man MuscleNerd confirmed that they are one step away from being done with the iPhone 4 unlock:

Full i4 bars with custom “steve” background task spitting out “One more thing” http://is.gd/doJXt  – all pieces in place:)

If I understand this correctly it might mean they just have to package UltraSn0w and put this on Cydia… If that’s really what’s going on, it also means the release of Spirit for iOS 4 is right around the corner as well.

Stay tuned!