Android on iPhone 3G Now Available

A couple of weeks ago, iPhone hacker PlanetBeing showed us a demo of Android running on an iPhone 3G. This week, he posted full instructions on how to install Android on an iPhone 3G.

In all honesty, I can’t see why one would want to install this on the iPhone besides the thrill of the technical challenge. At this time, this port of Android is highly unstable.

Although this port does everything that you expect your smartphone to be able to do, it isn’t usable for day-to-day activities just yet–I haven’t implemented any power-management functions, so a fully charged iPhone running Android will last only an hour or so.

A few bugs and performance issues remain, too, so while the phone will be usable, it won’t be fast. If you do something unexpected (such as forcing the iPhone off), there is a small chance that you may end up restoring your device. However, it is impossible for any bugs to brick or disable your iPhone permanently.

Finally, media syncing is not working, so loading your media onto your phone is kind of a pain. I’m working as hard as I can, though, and I expect to fix these issues soon.

PlanetBeing posted full instructions explaining how to install a port of Android on your iPhone.

iphodroidIf you don’t have the required setup or feel a little scared by the instructions, you may want to give a try to iPhoDroid, by Sergio McFly.

iPhoDroid is an app that will make your life much easier. It will automatically transfer all the necessary files to run Android on your iPhone. The other advantage of iPhoDroid is that it is developed for Mac, which means you won’t need a Linux machine like you would if you followed PlanetBeing’s “manual” instructions.

If any of you dare taking a shot at installing Android on your lovely device, I would love to hear about your experience.