Android Running On iPhone 3G

A couple weeks ago, iPhone hacker and Dev Team member PlanetBeing made the headlines when he successfully ran Android on an iPhone 2G.

With the help of other developers, PlanetBeing is back at it, this time showing us Android running on an iPhone 3G. In an article published on PC World, he explains the hack has come a long way since its initial release.

Now you can use the Android OS to browse the web and run any application that does not require audio support, as well as send and receive SMS text messages over the cell phone radio. […]

We’ve also made several other improvements to the original port in this version. Along with many under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes, the Wi-Fi driver has been fleshed out with all the Android-specific extensions, making it more stable and reliable. We’ve also added an Android icon to the boot menu to make it more easily accessible.

If you feel up to the task, instructions on how to do this yourself will be published soon.

While this is still very buggy, PlanetBeing hopes to be able to release a stable and “usable” version of Android for your iPhone 2G or 3G soon. Will keep you posted!

[via Linux on iPhone]