AT&T Internet Tethering Coming With iPhone OS 4?

att tethering iphone os 4

That’s an interesting find that the guys over at MacRumors made earlier today… Apparently the latest iPhone 4.0 beta hides a new configuration page for Internet tethering.

When you try to activate the new feature, you get an error message asking you to call AT&T or visit their website in order to enable tethering. Is AT&T finally ready to offer the long-awaited tethering option to its iPhone customers?

You may remember that AT&T has been supposed to offer tethering for almost a year now but is worried that doing so might increase strain on their network. That’s why they’ve been “actively working on it” for the last few months. Lame!

If like me you can’t wait for AT&T, you may consider enabling tethering on your iPhone the other way…