When Does Your 1st Gen iPhone Become Obsolete?

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I am still using my beloved 1st generation iPhone. I love it, can’t bear to part with it, and it’s been with me through thick and thin. It still looks like new, complete with unscratched original glass screen.

And I’ve never had any real reason to upgrade it, it’s still functioning the way I need it to and it does everything I ask of it. And with the iPhone 4G on the horizon I really want to wait before upgrading, it just doesn’t seem smart now. So I’ve persevered. Until yesterday…

When the iPhone was released I had a choice between a 4 or 8 GB. I went with the 8. At the time it seemed like a vast amount of space while today with 16 and 32 GB storage it seems small. But I digress. The question is, is it obsolete?

I use my iPhone as the primary source of music in my car. The majority of what I listen to is on there and I’m not a radio person so it’s always CDs or iPod. Plus I paid extra for the built in dock & Bose sound specifically for that reason. So I go to sync my phone and for the first time I see the dreaded message “Unable to sync iPhone because not enough space is available for iTunes library”.

What? Have I reached the end of the proverbial rainbow? So, I fiddle with iTunes for at least an hour. Deleting duplicate songs, getting rid of junk I never listen to, etc. Try again… no dice. I’m full. And it hits me, has my beloved 1st gen become obsolete?

I’m wondering if any of you readers have ever filled your iPhone to capacity, and if so, with what? For me the answer is as follows: 1476 songs, 87 apps, 127 contacts, 347 pictures, thousands (I haven’t counted) of undeleted text messages, an above average amount of saved calendar info.

So for me, that’s what it took to fill the 8 GB to capacity. At that point it was too full to take the sync which was about another 340 songs. Granted, I’m close, but even after cleaning up my iTunes account it’s not going to happen. And I could delete some apps & texts I suppose, but it’s the music that’s the storage hog.

So I am wondering, since everyones usage is different (hence the name “I” phone) what did it take for you to fill yours? Are you at capacity? Are you close? And will you modify your use, or upgrade?