Pocket Blu: A Blu-Ray Remote For Your iPhone

Any iPhone totin’ PS3 users out there? You might want to turn your bluetooths up, the folks over at Deluxe Digital Studios have a killer app for your 2 favorite gadgets. It’s called Pocket Blu, a lovely little client application that talks to any internet capable Blu-ray player (PS3) that happens to be playing a BLU capable DVD.

Awesome thing is, it turns your iPhone into a Blu-ray remote for your PS3. Not so awesome thing is that it doesn’t work on all Blu-rays, just ones that are BLU capable, which judging by their library isn’t too many.

The app also has some special features for the movies like lost scenes, interviews with the actors, even live reviews from other Pocket Blu users, of the movie you’re watching. Debbie Downer told me that it requires a wifi connection to the PS3, but I have a feeling that’s not a huge problem for most of our readers.

Overall its a pretty sweet little app, easily worth the free download. If you’re a frequent Blu-ray watcher with a PS3, you’ll find some space on your springboard for this guy. Imagine you’re getting ready to watch a movie, you got your snacks, and your drink. You’ve forgotten what you wanted in the kitchen twice already and can’t wait to finally sit down and start the show. You sit in your favorite chair, and just as you go to recline back and start the movie, you realize, you don’t have the PS3 remote. As your left eye starts to twitch, you’ll remember you read this article and you’ll say to yourself “Thank you Cody” and pull out your iPhone.

Hey, your welcome, and here’s hoping we see many more movies become “BLU” capable.

UPDATE: Interestingly enough, there is an extremely similar application is BD Touch Remote by BD Touch LLC. Exact same premise except with “BD Touch” capable blu ray discs. I call this, 2 apps, 1 review.

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