How to Disable Automatic iPhone Backup in iTunes


If you’re like me, you must sometimes get annoyed at how long syncing your iPhone with iTunes can take. Turns out that the syncing process doesn’t take that long at all. However, the automatic backup of your iPhone is what takes the longest.

I found out thanks to JAiB about a tool called BackOff, which easily allows you to turn on and off the automatic backup of your iPhone in iTunes.

BackOff is a free PC and Mac utility enabling you to speed up the sync of your iPhone or iPod Touch by turning off the automatic backup in iTunes. Storage of large amounts of data can seriously lenghten iTunes sync. Disable iTunes Auto-Backup feature with BackOff and speed up your syncs!

BackOff is a free tool (download here) that work for both Mac and PC and is compatible with all iPhones and iPod Touch.

Patrick was able to try it out and here is what he has to say about it:

Just to give an idea of the impact this app can have, when I tested it this afternoon, a sync with backup turned on had taken over 20 minutes before I canceled it.  Sync with backup turned off took under two minutes!

Looks like a winner to me. What do you think about BackOff?