What You Missed This week: UltraSn0w, Twidget, Install0us, and More…

Here is a summary of this week’s articles.

My Australian experience with an iPhone – My fiancee and I are traveling through Australia and I share my experience of dealing with an Australian Telco.

UltraSn0w update – UltraSn0w has been updated to version 0.92 and fixes missing carrier logo bug.

Twitter on your lockscreen with Twidget – Twidget is a new application available on Cydia that allows you to display your Twitter stream on your lockscreen.

Install0us 2.5 – Installous got an update and was built again from scratch.

CyDialer – CyDialer is a new application that brings coverflow contacts management directly on your lockscreen.

5 hidden iPhone features – While playing around on my iPhone, I found a few features for people with vision or hearing problems that you may not have seen before.

Share your iPhone pictures in full resolution – A simple tip to show you how to share your iPhone pictures in full resolution.

Ellseedee iPhone theme – A beautiful theme for iPhone.