CyDialer Brings Contacts Coverflow to Your iPhone Lockscreen

CyDialer is a new application by Saurik, the developer of Cydia, that aims to bring coverflow-like contact management to your iPhone lockscreen. Instead of launching your and going to the contacts, you can directly flick through your contacts on your lockscreen.

FSM gives a pretty good description of how CyDialer works:

Installing from Cydia, the preferences are accessed from the settings app and you select from them just like Winterboard (another Saurik creation). When exiting, it resprings and you are presented with your favorites (from the phone app) on the lockscreen. You can choose to have your wallpaper showing and a click of the home button, the favorite are there, scrollable just like cover flow from iTunes. Or you can choose to have the contacts show and dismiss with a tap of the home button. Chances of pocket dialing have been minimized by having a 2 step process to actually make the call. Tap the favorite, then slide to dial. Nice and easy.

According to Saurik, what sets CyDialer aside from other similar extensions is the attention to detail and quality of the app. The interface is designed to blend and integrate smoothly  into the lockscreen, and to be easily maintained as Apple releases firmware updates.

I haven’t tested CyDialer myself, but it sure looks like a great app (and a good compliment to Cyntact. CyDialer is available from Cydia for $1.74.

What do you think of this app? Have you tried it yet?

Image: iHackinT0sh