Twidget: Get Twitter on Your iPhone LockScreen

Twidget is a new application available in Cydia that will display your Twitter stream on your iPhone lockscreen.

To install Twidget, simply go to Cydia and search for “Twidget“. There are several versions available. I installed the simple version hosted on iSpazio.

After installing Twidget, launch the app and enter your Twitter credentials then go to WinterBoard to activate the widget.

WinterBoard will automatically respring your springboard and you should now see you Twitter stream.

From the lockscreen, you’ll be able to see your friends’ tweets, your own, your @replies and your favorites.

I installed this app just to test it and I uninstalled it right away because I suspect it to be a battery killer. I might be wrong though, so feel free to correct me if that’s the case.

Still, I think it’s a great application for all Twitter addicts out there.

What do you think of this widget?