5 Hidden iPhone Features for People With Vision or Hearing Disabilities

As I was playing around my iPhone settings a couple of days ago, I discovered a few options I had never seen before. I might be a little late and maybe you guys already know about that but I’d like to share these findings with you anyway.

These hidden features are in Settings > General > Accessibility. While they would appear useless to most iPhone users, they are very helpful for people with hearing or vision disabilities. I know for sure I had been in this area of the settings before but for some reason I didn’t notice them all.

Note that these features may be available for iPhone 3GS users only. Also note that when you try to grab a screenshot by of these features in action, it simply doesn’t work, which is why I took these bad pictures…

VoiceOver is an option to help people with vision problems. When activated, this feature will speak everything you touch on your iPhone screen. For example, if you tap the Clock.app, it will say “Clock”. To launch the app, simply double tap it.


The Zoom feature is obviously here to help people with vision problems and allows them to zoom in any area of the screen, in any given app, simply by tapping 3 times with 3 fingers.

White on Black

White on Black in also for people with vision problems and reverts the colors of the screen.

Mono Audio

I’m not sure about what this option does. If you know about it, please let us know in the comments.

Speak Auto-text

This is actually a pretty cool feature. When activated, it will automatically speak auto-corrections when typing text. For example, if you want to type “mother” but you accidentally type “mpther”, this feature will say the word “mother” through the speaker. I think this is pretty handy for everyone.

Do you know any other “hidden features” on the iPhone? If so, please share them with us in the comments.