Get Twitter Push Notifications With Boxcar

Boxcar is a new iPhone application that sends push notifications for Twitter. When someone DMs or @replies you, you will get a push notification in the form of a a text box and a sound notification. Tweets pushed to you can be opened in Tweetie or Twitterrific for now, with support for more apps coming soon.

It’s not real time push as notifications take about a minute to be pushed to your iPhone but it still works great. The only downside I see in this app is that these push notifications can quickly become overwhelming if you have many people @replying or DMing you. For someone like me, Twitter push notifications make my ADD even worse…

I really like how the app works but it’s not for me. Do you really need to be notified of every new tweet you receive?

You can download Boxcar from iTunes for $1.99.

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