appDowner: A BitTorrent-Powered App Store Alternative For iPhone

If you’ve used Cydia, Icy, or even Appulous, the concept of an alternative to the App Store is old news to you, but soon there will be a new kid in town that will be the first App Store competitor using BitTorrent technology. This new app for jailbroken iPhones only is called appDowner.

appDowner was created by developer Alec Renolds back in 2008 with the idea to create a simple BitTorrent client for the iPhone. Unfortunately the project was put on hold for a while due to personal issues. But Renolds is now back at it and has expanded his original concept to create a complete replacement to Apple’s App Store.

Unlike the App Store, there will be no app approval process and most applications submitted will be available for download within a week. appDowner can also be used as “client for non-app related downloads”, which in other words means you’ll be able to illegally download music directly from the app.

Something that’s not really clear about appDowner is whether or not you will be able to download cracked applications for your iPhone.

We’ve seen our share of App Store replacements. The 2 most serious ones, Cydia Store and Rock Your Phone, haven’t reached a critical audience yet. Will appDowner be able to do that?

appDowner is still being worked on and it should be available in Cydia for download soon.