Rock Your Phone Is Now Open

Following the opening of the Cydia Store earlier this week, there is now another alternative to the App Store called Rock Your Phone.

So how does Rock Your Phone work? First you have to sign up for an account on and download the their desktop client. After launching the desktop client, you will have to plug your iPhone to your computer and install Rock Your Phone on your iPhone. This operation just takes a few minutes. Once installed, you will have the Rock Your Phone icon showing up on your iPhone springboard.

You will then be able to download apps either from the desktop client or directly from your iPhone. If you download from the desktop client, you will have to sync your iPhone to install the downloaded apps.

The good thing about Rock Your Phone is that you don’t have to be on a jailbroken iPhone. I repeat, your iPhone doesn’t have to be jailbroken to install Rock Your Phone. This is truly a big plus! Note however that installing Rock Your Phone might wipe your warranty… Another good thing about Rock Your Phone is that all apps come with a 10-day trial. You can try the apps for 10 days before deciding to buy them or not. This is what the official App Store should have offered since the beginning…

Now for the bad… Well, this is a beta software so it’s still very buggy and a few people are having issues with it and had to restore. It’s not a big deal but I see how that could be annoying. So far there are only 4 applications for sale, which is understandable since the store just opened.

As stated above, Rock Your Phone works for iPhone 2G and 3G (software versions: 2.0.1, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1). The iPod Touch is currently not supported but it might be soon. The desktop client can be installed on Windows XP and Vista, as well as on Mac OS X.