iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak & Unlock Roundup

The new iPhone 3.0 came out about a week ago and the Dev Team already managed to jailbreak and unlock it. All the info available about jailbreaking and unlocking might be a little confusing so I wanted to write some sort of summary in order for you to figure out what’s the best solution for you.

iPod Touch & iPod Touch 2G

If you’re an iPod Touch user and want to jailbreak it, then you will have to use RedSn0w. I wrote a tutorial on how to use RedSn0w for the iPhone but the steps are pretty much the same for the iPod Touch. Refer to this tutorial to learn how to jailbreak your iPod Touch or iPod Touch 2G.

iPhone 2G

You have 2 options to jailbreak your iPhone 2G. If you’re on a Mac, the best way to do this is to use PwnageTool. You can read my PwnageTool jailbreak tutorial here. If you’re on a PC, you may want to use RedSn0w, for which I also wrote a guide here.

The tools to unlock the iPhone 2G are the same as the tools to jailbreak it. If you’re using a Mac, read my PwnageTool unlock tutorial here. If you’re on a PC, read my RedSn0w unlock guide here.

Note that RedSn0w works on both PC and Mac, so if you’re on a Mac, you can still use RedSn0w, which I recommend as it is a little more straightforward than PwnageTool.

iPhone 3G

Once again, you have 2 options to jailbreak your iPhone 3G. First option is to use PwnageTool for Mac (see tutorial here). The second option is to use RedSn0w, which works on both PC and Mac (see tutorial here).

Now if you want to unlock your iPhone 3G, you will first have to jailbreak it using one of the methods mentioned above, and then you will have to run UltraSn0w (see tutorial here).

iPhone 3G S

Unfortunately, there is no jailbreak or unlock method for the iPhone 3G S yet. The Dev Team just released the iPhone 3G unlock UltraSn0w and I believe they will now focus on finding a jailbreak and unlock for the 3G S.

Stay tuned for more information coming as these new tools are released.