First Thoughts On iPhone OS 3.0

On June 16, 2009, I came home late and ran to my computer, eagerly, I waited for it to boot up. Then I had to wait forever for my iTunes to open. Then came the wait for midnight. All this took me back to my early memories of the pre-Xmas jitters. I actually stayed up till midnight and also kept looking for posts on twitter that would let me know that someone had actually started to download the upgrade.

I went to bed disappointed but jumped out of bed first thing in the morning, ran to the computer to see the new O.S 3.0. Again, I was heartbroken. It was almost as if Santa skipped my house on purpose!

Then came the hour of reckoning (later in the day of course) when I was to upgrade to the much anticipated 3.0!!!

I haven’t completely played with every single feature of the new software on my iPhone, but I can tell ya’ll that I am even more in love with it. The very first thing I wanted to check out was the voice recorder app. I opened it and easily did some tests recordings and sent them out in emails to several friends including myself. I wanted input on the quality of the sound from each of the people I sent them to. Four stars came from all participants, which was no surprise. Then came the trimming of the voice memo, which was even easier than I imagined. The voice memos can only be sent in email for now which is kind of crappy I think.

The next feature I thought was pretty cool was the search feature. With this you can browse thru all the subject titles in the emails, songs, contacts, calendars, and in the ever so sexy way that the iPhone is known for! This is a real time saver and just when I thought the iPhone was pretty good at browsing and searching it pulls out this search!!!

The one feature upgrade that I definitely took advantage of was the cut/copy/paste. I am now able to copy emails and texts and send them to whomever, however need be. This is one of the features that I been hearing a lot of iPhone lovers and haters fuss about. At first I didn’t see what all the fuss was about until I actually utilized it. This is ever so sweet!

The landscape capabilities are pretty neat except for that I’m not too partial to typing sideways. Personally I can’t get used to landscape so it’s not something that I was anticipating.

I did read in a lot of other places that the perfect phone just got better, and I can’t help but to agree and smile. After playing with these upgrades I must say that I wasn’t totally excited anymore or drooling at the mouth… I was simply content. I am now content that I can do some of the basics that the others have been doing.

I did notice that the browser is a tad speedier, which was really very cool. Browsing thru the phone and moving icons is way more efficient with the new ability to move an icon through ALL the screens whereas before was one screen at a time!

All these and much more come to those of us not upgrading to the 3G S anytime soon, but those of you that will upgrade get the video capability and the compass. Everyone I know that owns an iPhone, including myself, isn’t jumping up and down anymore. We are all just saying “thank you” and “finally”. I used the iPhone with a grin in the beginning, and now I love it with a smile.