Apple Gets PWNed By Advertising


This has to be one of the smartest/boldest ad placement ever! DoubleTwist, a software developed by DVD Jon that lets users access their iTunes library on any device, managed to get an ad right on the window next to the entrance of the Apple Store in San Francisco.

The ad invites passersby to try “The Cure for iPhone Envy”, which they can use to access their “iTunes Library on any device. In Seconds”. It’s clearly a message that Apple doesn’t want anything to do with. We’re hearing that Apple employees are currently scratching their heads as to how this appeared.

The window on which the ad is placed actually belongs to BART (San Francisco subway system) and DVD Jon managed to rent this space directly from BART. It’s totally legal and there is not much Apple can do against that. I bet the marketing department in Cupertino is not happy about that right now…