How To Install An iNav Theme On Your iPhone

If you’re iPhone is jailbroken and that you look at Cydia apps and mods from time to time, you most likely came across the iNav themes. iNav themes are a little more complex than your usual theme and simply activating the theme in WinterBoard won’t be enough. You will need to prep your iPhone and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today.

Installing an iNav theme is not hard at all but it will take a few minutes of your time.

1. You’re iPhone must be jailbroken. If it’s not, then look at our tutorials on how to do that.

2. Launch Cydia and install “Categories”, “iBlank”, and the iNav theme of your choice. For this tutorial, I am installing the iFdark theme from the iSpazio source.

3. Launch Categories and create 2 folders: Apps, and Games. Put all your games in the Games folder, and put all your apps into the Apps folder, except for Phone, SMS, Email, Safari, iPod, Camera, and Photo.

4. Close Categories. You should now have only Games, Apps, Photos, Camera, SMS, Phone, Mail, Safari, and iPod on your springboard.

5. Move the apps so you have only one app per page on your springboard.

6. Launch Winterboard and activate the iNav theme, as well as the “No Undocked Icon Labels” option. Close Winterboard. Your springboard should look a little messed up.

7. Launch iBlank (from your Apps category folder) and create 135 blank icons (hint: in iBlank, tap “15” 9 times).

8. Tap and hold any icon to make then wiggle. Now drag and drop the larger icons on the right side of the screen so they fit your theme. This part is kinda tricky because the position completely depends on your iNav theme. Usually, they are on the third row from the top, the third icon from the left. Rearrange the icons on the 9 pages.

9. If rearranged properly, you should now be done and you newly installed theme should look like very first image on this page.