iPhone Apps For iParents On The Go

Parents on the go, that’s what many of us are. Upon awaking you may spend the first few moments of the day fumbling between nuking breakfast and getting yourself ready for the workday. Somewhere in the midst of this insanity, the kids have to be ready too! Dropping them off at school and heading to work in itself is quiet the trek. This is not the old fashioned morning where sitting at the breakfast table and reading the paper comes with ease. You not only race thru the madness of the week or weekend, but often race blindly! The iPhone proudly boasts that there is an app for that and delivers as always.

As parents, you may come across the ailing child in the middle of the early morning insanity. To hospitalize or not to hospitalize becomes the question! WebMD does the next best thing to an actual diagnosis: it provides you with the facts as they relate to the symptoms (please be sure to consult with a physician if conditions are serious).

You can easily search according to symptoms, treatment or first aid. WebMD tackles all the symptoms for free! With this little beauty you can filter out the possibilities and send the little faker off to school if need be!

Catching up on the news around the nation or the globe is one of the things that can make many you feel informed or connected, and USA Today does a wonderful job of not only bringing the news to you, but doing it in a super user-friendly manner. No commercials or ads of any kind make this app worth the download, not to mention the unbeatable price of free!

USA Today brings you all the important and up to the minute events as well as the ability to share them with others in email, text, Facebook, or Twitter form. Simply select an article and tap “share article” to pull up the menu options and send! You can quickly browse with the swipe of a finger all the headlines in every category including detailed local weather. So you not only get to see the news on the go, but you get to share it with others as well.

As you trudge (or speed!) out the door you may not be aware of traffic conditions, but there’s an app for that too! Traffic is another simple and fairly priced app. At $1.99 the app does its job in the most practical manner. You can choose to see the local accidents and construction roadblocks in list or map view format.

The map view also allows you to zoom in with ease and places a marker at the scene of the obstacle. In viewing the list format you can select the accident you want to look at and get further details ie; distance, lane closures and alternate road information. This app comes in very handy, especially when you are running late due to juniors missing left sneaker.

Getting thru the rest of the day is a breeze until you need to figure out what’s for dinner! Betty Crocker comes to the rescue with an excellent app that provides you with ingredients, directions and nutritional information all in one app! You can add recipes to your favorites list provided in the app, or email them someone in need. Another thrifty find in the free aisle.

Now that you made it thru the week you want to do some outdoor activities with the family, but have a basic idea of the weather due to the basic weather app that comes with the iPhone. WeatherBug Elite has you covered and for the low price of $0.99 cents you simply can’t go wrong! It has the standard features that the free basic Weatherbug comes with, however the Elite version has some very useful upgrades that can’t be beat.

The very cool thing about this version is that it comes with a animated radar that moves and shows you actual ran action. Different layers of weather can be viewed in this version such as the humidity, rainfall, and wind speed. You can set your location and view local camera shots to see the effects of the current weather in your area as well as watch a video of national conditions. The options for controlling this app are laid out neatly throughout the interface of WeatherBug Elite.This app comes to you ad free and presents a great aide in planning out those much deserved weekends.