New iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 (build: 7A280f) Good News!!!

Finally!! Some good news on the iPhone 3.0 beta. The latest beta (build 7A280F) is actually good. Not only that, but it is also good for the older devices!!! Hang on, let us explain.

We are really excited:

  • Faster overall performance. It’s not 100% stable, but it’s pretty dam close. It has greatly improved since the last betas.
  • Copy and Paste has also improved! Less buggy, less crashing, and it’s smoother.
  • Landscape mode has been a bit buggy in other betas. FIXED! Landscape mode on system apps has also improved.
  • The mysterious “Store” option in settings is still there, still empty:
  • img_0001The iPod Touch now also has the ability to choose what double-taping the home button does:
  • img_0003The iPod can now control what Spotlight searches. The iPhone has it in the previous beta but not us. Now we have it too!!
  • img_0007Restrictions now include restricting in-app purchase.
  • YouTube app now has a “My Videos” section for those who have an YouTube account:
  • The AppStore and iTunes app no longer show your iTunes account username at the bottom.
  • Safari is much smoother. It is still a bit buggy though. Also, it is a tiny bit less RAM consuming. But my a very small amount.
  • Spotlight is less buggy, a bit faster.
  • Unity games now work!! Until now there was a bug where Unity games did not work. Not anymore. Let the games continue!
  • Also most apps are now working fine on 3.0.
  • Emoji can still be enabled.
  • Accelerometer and touch controls seem to be a bit more precise / acurate.
  • iTunes sync is improved and faster. In the past betas the sync has taken hours. Fixed!!

So as you can see, this beta is mainly about fixing stuff, not much new. But heck, it was much needed. Good job Apple!! Let us know in the comments if you want something tested and we’ll try to test it, but keep in mind we’re busy (with real life and planning something special for you guys). 🙂