iPhone 3.0 Hidden Easter Egg – Video Upload?

It seems there is a hidden easter egg in iPhone 3.0. Upload Video:


This occurs when you try to upload a picture to MobileMe. The blurred space is the album and account name. But did you see the top? This can be either a mistype or a whoops. Most likely a whoops. There have been numerous rumors that the iPhone will have video recording, and it’s due for it’s hardware revision soon. So what does this mean? Nothing, for now. But its something all right.

UPDATE: Also a nice little feature. When you upload the photo, this comes up:


If you click view on Mobile Me, it opens Safari:

img_0032But since MobileMe is not yet ready you get this (which is what happens when you try to go to me.com though your iDevice):


So it seems Apple IS up to something after all.