Kyper App Review

Ian Marsh, indie developer who brought us the beloved Scoops and Textropolis has made yet another addictive iPhone game. Kyper. Kyper is all about speed, in fact Ian calls it the “fastest game on iPhone”. The gameplay is simple yet addictive. You control your ship by moving your device. You need to avoid all asteroids. But there are two types of asteroids. The red (to me they look orange) slow you down. You must stay away from these or it will slow you down. The closer you are to them the more they slow you down. The green (to me they look yellow) speed you up. You must get as close to these as possible. But if you crash into any of the asteroids you die. Although the game may sound simple it is no easy challenge.  Especially once you get going really fast. As Ian himself said, after you pass 1,000 km/s that’s when you go into “holy crap” mode. Kyper is not a relaxing game!!

Once you die a window pops up telling you your maximum speed. Afterwards you can submit your score online and compete for the top place. My high score is currently 950 but people have gotten to 1,000+ so I must drink more coffee!!

As it says in the description, Kyper is a game of speed. You win by going as fast as possible, not by how much time you keep going or anything like most games do. The game features fun and accurately timed sound effects but no music, though you can play the music you have on your iPod. Like all other games by Ian the game is smooth and polished. I have no complains.The key is simple. All of Ian’s game keep it simple but are highly addictive and enjoyed by everyone. All of his games are on my “addictive games” list.

The app is and according to the description is always $0.99.

To celebrate the release of Kyper, Ian has put all of his games on sale:

Scoops $1.99 now $.99
Textropolis $2.99 now $.99
Kyper is always $.99
Hanoi Plus is always $.99
Threads is always FREE

All of these games are well done and polished. Hanoi Plus is only worth it if you really like the free version of Hanoi, they are pretty much the same.

Two gameplay videos of Kyper are provided by the dev here and here.